From Thanksgiving to New Years, there can be a dinner party, cocktail party, or even a luncheon to attend every week. Show your host or hostess how much you appreciate being their guest with a thoughtful gift that's made in the USA. This list of the best hostess gifts for any occasion will help you find the perfect one.

Traditional hostess gifts like a bottle of wine or flowers are always welcome, but there are soooo many fun, classy, and useful American made options out there. This list was fun to put together and these items also make great housewarming gifts too.

When should you bring a hostess gift?

Whether you are going to a friend's holiday dinner party, or a baby shower for a co-worker, it's always a good idea to bring a gift for the host or hostess. Planning a special party takes a lot of time and energy. A gift, no matter how small, shows that you appreciate all of the work that was put into the event.

How much should you spend on a gift for the host?

No need to break the bank for a hostess gift, as really, it IS the thought that counts! The price of a hostess gift should reflect the lavishness and the occasion of the party. A reasonable price for a hostess gift would be about $25.

Best Hostess Gifts for Any Occasion


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Hostes Gifts made in the USA

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