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How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Shaving Tips for Men and Women

These shaving tips are my best methods for how to prevent ingrown hairs and unsightly razor bumps.  The tips are not only useful for keeping a close shave but also for any areas that are prone to ingrown hairs and razor burn on both men and women. Shaving Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hairs Prep your whiskers with warm steam for a couple of minutes.  During your shower is the easy way, but a hot towel will work too. Apply a shaving cream instead of the standard foam.  Foams are drying.  The right product can eliminate irritation. Shaving is an...

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Angie’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

All of us at USA Love List have things that we especially love.  This is my list of some of those items,  30 made in USA gifts for $30 or less – a very giftable price point. You will find many of my choices to be Made in USA beauty products. As both a licensed salon professional and Beauty + Style Editor on USA Love List, this is my area of expertise.  I personally sampled, own, use, and recommend everything on this list. Angie's Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30 5 Gifts for the Home Alfi – High...

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Gift Idea: American Made Personal Care Products for Men

Whether you are on the hunt for American made personal care products for yourself, or for a gift, we have you started with a list of brands for men that USA Love list editors trust. Personal Care Products for Men, All Made in the USA Men's lines provide their customers with simple packages and easy to follow routines. I like Jack Black because there is something for everyone and something for every need. The men's gift sets are packaged perfectly for easy gift giving. The Clean & Cool Body Basics skin care set has everything your man needs to stay...

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