Buddha Balm

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An Easy 5-step Makeup Routine for Summer, all American Made

These easy makeup tips for summer will keep you polished and fresh in the hot summer sun.  If you plan to spend some time out in the heat this summer, a minimal approach to makeup is a great option.  No sweat pool of makeup, no running eyeliner, and easy maintenance.   5 step makeup routine for summer Moisturize with an oil free face lotion that includes SPF of 20 or more.  This will be the only prep you need and provide a barrier against the sun in one step.  Mario Badescu offers Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30, it is one...

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Giveaway: Buddha Brand Lip Balm – Enter to Win a Year’s Supply for soft lips and zinc oxide sun protection

Don't. Touch. My. Burnt Sugar Fig Buddha Balm!  With a tween in the house, lip balm has a way of disappearing. And if the package is not girly, it is at risk of being swiped by my husband or son too. But I have one that is special – not to be touched. I want it right where  I left it in the mud room so I can slather it on for soft lips on the way out the door. And the flavor… it feels like an indulgent treat every time. It's mine. Burnt Sugar Fig is my favorite,...

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