California Naturel

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American Beauty: Review of Natural Skin Care Products from California Naturel

California Naturel created a beauty experience that caters to all the senses with their skin care line.  Their natural skin care products are American made, naturally scented, free of parabens and harsh synthetic ingredients.   All the products have a distinct aroma and beautiful texture.  The effective formulas are all packaged in high quality bottles that embody their California vibe. They craft the formulas to be luxurious and stay in tune with nature.  They selected ingredients to be kind to your body and the earth.  The packaging is also recyclable. My California Naturel Experience It was a love at first site...

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6 Steps to Healthy Summer Skin – The American Made Guide

When summer hits a little more skin starts to show.  Now we all want healthy summer skin for our body.  It looks and feels so much better.  Get your body's skin care in shape with 6 easy steps and made in USA body products. 1. Wash your body without stripping the barrier. JAVA Skin Care has a coffee infused body wash that cleanses, increases circulation, boosts cell turnover, has antioxidants and acts as a natural antiseptic.  This is the facial wash the body has been asking for.  There whole line is exquisite in its delivery, scent and results. 2....

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