Capel Rugs

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Made in USA Area Rugs, Decor Rugs, Floor Mats,Carpeting: An Ultimate Source List

Winter is coming! Cover those floors in your home with American made rugs to keep those tootsies warm before the cooler weather hits. Our list of made in the USA area rugs, decor rugs, and carpeting is sure to contain floor coverings that will suit your home's style. Don't miss our American made lighting source guide and our list of made in USA clocks for more home decor inspiration. High Quality Tufted Accent Rugs & Area Rugs: Maples Rugs Family owned Maples Rugs is one of the premiere rug manufacturers in the U.S, focusing on beautiful designs and commitment to quality...

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Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer in American Made Style

Whether it's a deck, a patio, or a shady spot in the yard, we all have a favorite summer outdoor space that becomes an extension to our living quarters during the warmer months.  My family's outdoor spaces (a porch AND a patio), are both in drastic need of makeovers before summer is in full swing.I have been on the hunt for the perfect American made items to make these spaces great for both entertaining our friends and for hanging with each other.  Here are five made in the USA items that I found in my search that would be...

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Tips & Products to fix your Makeup Organization Made in USA

Everyone needs a great place to stash their makeup and skin care products to keep the bathroom from cluttering up.  Just tossing your most used goods into a drawer or under the sink can cause chaos in the morning.  Having a sorting system keeps the morning routine flowing smoothly.  You may also need a way to take your favorite gloss and powder to go.  I have the made in USA  makeup organization solutions here. First, I want to share my most effective ways of storing all my makeup and skin care.  I have tried about every way possible and...

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