L.L. Bean is one of many American retailers dedicated to providing their customers with products manufactured in the United States. To be clear, not all of their products are made in the USA, but they do make an effort. On their website, L.L. Bean has this to say about their “Made in the USA” products:

L.L.Bean is committed to selling products that are manufactured under legal, safe and fair working conditions. To this end we have a well-established labor code of conduct that serves as the basis of our vendor relationships. The code of conduct is actively communicated and monitored through an internal monitoring process, supplemented by collaborative efforts with other companies and organizations.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some of our favorite American made items from L.L. Bean.

The classic LL Bean boots are still made in the USA (in Maine to be precise) via USAlovelist.com
Classic L.L. Bean boots – L.L. Bean is known for their outdoor gear designed especially for cold weather. One of their signature products is this classic leather, rubber-soled boot, available in a variety of styles and colors for men, women, and kids. These boots were designed by L.L. Bean himself and are manufactured in the great state of Maine.

Have you seen the news stories lately about how L.L. Bean's boots have suddenly become trendy fashion with long waits for delivery?  I'm glad to say that I still have mine from high school! 20+ years later, they still work, look, and feel great. I'm so glad this American made classic is back in style!

More Made in USA Items at LL Bean

If you want to find all of the items marked made in USA at LL Bean, just go ahead and click here.  You'll find some great home goods, pet products, boots, totes… all of the classics.  After you've taken a look, also try entering “made in Maine” in the search box to find a few more.

For the outdoor enthusiast in your life, L.L. Bean offers several must-have items for activities such as camping and hiking.

LL Bean carries a jogger safety set that is made in the USA and a good idea too. (via USAlovelist.com)
Jog-a-Lite Safety Set – Protect runners and cyclists by gifting them with this reflective vest and leg band set. For cyclists, two reflective bike decals are included.
Platypus soft water bottles can be rolled up and tucked away when empty. Made in USA. (via USAlovelist.com)
Platypus SoftBottle – When it comes to packing for hiking, camping, or riding, saving space and weight is essential. Fill a few stockings with these flexible, lightweight water bottles that can bend and shrink to fit where regular plastic bottles can't. The Platypus SoftBottle is made of a BPA-free nylon.
The Coleman camping stove. Sold by LL Bean and still made in the USA. (via USAlovelist.com)
Coleman Dual-Fuel Two-Burner Stove – What avid camper wouldn't love to have a two-burner stove for their next outdoor excursion? Every 40 ounces of fuel will give you two hours of cooking time and the cooking surface has enough room for two 10-inch pots. It's also perfect for tailgating!
Allagash Pack Basket – This durable but lightweight pack basket would make a great gift for your favorite fisherman. The sturdy shape holds their fishing gear including poles and nets and the hard sides make it a better option than standard soft backpacks. Made in Maine, this handwoven pack is available in three sizes.

LL Bean puts extra effort into finding American made sources for its Home catalog and they are an easy source for Made in USA gifts that will last and last.

This braided basket is so pretty and it is made in the USA. (via USAlovelist.com)
Braided Chenille Basket – This beautiful basket is perfect for storage but lovely enough to be left out in the open. Use it to hold toys, linens, or other items that need to be easily accessed. The braided chenille gives this basket a soft feel and a sturdy shape.
This personalized crock from LL Bean makes a great gift and it is Made in the USA (via USAlovelist.com)
Personalized Crock – Handmade in Roseville, Ohio, a town known for its stoneware clay, this personalized crock makes a lovely fireside accessory or a planter for your front porch. With room for lettering above and below the charming pine cone design, this unique item would make a great gift for relatives or neighbors or even for yourself.
LL Bean sells the best hammocks. This one is made in the USA too! (via USAlovelist.com)
Quilted Sunbrella Hammock – Dreaming for the return of warmer weather? Get ready to enjoy every minute of it with this quilted hammock from L.L. Bean. The fabric is made of a mildew-resistant acrylic and features a striped design on one side and a coordinating solid color on the other. No sturdy trees suitable for hammock hanging? No problem! L.L. Bean also offers a hammock stand.
This family sized box of cookies makes an easy American made gift any time of year. (via USAlovelist.com)
Family Cookie Set – Don't show up to those holiday gatherings empty-handed! Grab a box of homemade cookies and treats for a delicious gift for your host. Keep a box on hand for your own guests too! They'll love this assortment of sweets, including Triple Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Chunk Brownies, Lemon Squares, and more. Made by Dancing Deer Baking Co. in Massachusetts.
Classic, with endless uses, LL Bean's are still made in the USA. (via USAlovelist.com)
And last but not least, the classic L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag lasts forever and has seemingly endless uses. I have some that have been working hard for 20 years. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, in both open and zip-top styles.

L.L. Bean carries several American Made products we love. Here are some of our favorites. (via USAlovelist.com)

This list was getting long, so we had to stop, but there are many more American made products to be found at L.L. Bean.  Do you have a favorite you want to share? Add it in the comments below.