Cascade Designs

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Stuff We Love, Made in Washington State

Are you ready for 10 Things We Love, Made in Washington State? You wish you could live in Washington State, I know.  Despite the fact that it rains a lot here, Washington is still one of the most beautiful states in the nation.  Washingtonians are very outdoorsy given our wonderful mountains, beautiful coastline and enchanting islands. On a great day, Washington looks like this. Most days however, Washington looks like this. Still, despite the weather, Washington is wonderful. The people here are friendly and many members of our extended American family in Washington make wonderful consumer products.  Here is...

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Giveaway: American Made Outdoor Gear from Cascade Designs

Summer is on its way. Are you ready?  It is time to gear up for your outdoor adventures.  We've teamed up with Seattle-based Cascade Designs to offer one of our readers some American made outdoor gear you'll love. Cascade Designs is committed to American Manufacturing Cascade Designs is behind seven major outdoor brands. They do not make every piece in the USA, but they do have a major manufacturing facility in Seattle. You've probably seen many of their items at your local outdoor store, or bigger nation-wides stores like REI. Here is what we love about this company: Significant number of unique outdoor...

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