Come Together in Laughter and Fun with Games Made in USA

I was in fourth grade when my dad taught me how to play jacks. There was a resurgence of the game when I was in elementary school. Soon, both my parents, my brother, and I had a tournament going at home. The competition included a homemade scoreboard and a little trash talk. Even though I maintained a healthy last place, I didn't mind. I was having a blast with my family!

A generation later, I taught the game of jacks to my own kids. Most likely it wasn't because I enjoyed the game itself, which I did. Rather, the game held memories of being with my family. Jacks, dominoes, and a few other card games made us set aside hectic days and connect.

That's what games do: they bring us together, one of the most important benefits of playing them.

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Here are 10 benefits of playing games:

  1. Games teach healthy competition. Family members learn how to win and lose graciously.
  2. Board games teach critical thinking. As you strategize, you’re learning how to problem solve and think through cause and effect situations.
  3. Time together strengthens the bond between family and friends.
  4. Many games teach math skills, while others teach language skills.
  5. Still other games offer auditory and visual improvement.
  6. Playing games requires no screens! Take a break from all the technology.
  7. Board games reflect the value of teamwork. Teamwork requires everyone to pull their weight and bring different skills to the effort.
  8. Playing games improve memory.
  9. Board games require focus and concentration.
  10. Games provide an entry for interaction with one another. More interaction builds trust for those important, deeper conversations.
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As a bonus point, an added benefit is games don't cost a lot of money. You don't have to worry about expensive gaming systems. And don't tell the kids, but they will end up enjoying these made in USA games with you more than the gaming systems that leave them feeling like zombies.

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Buy Games Made in USA

Not all games are being produced in other countries. Happily, we can report a number of games still being manufactured in America. That means we can feel good about our purchases because we're keeping friends and neighbors employed. We're helping our economy. And we're having fun in the process!

10 Benefits of Family Games with Games Made in USA

Several online stores also sell the games made in the USA that we have listed. For example, Lehman's carries USA-made games online.

Do you know of a board game made in the USA we didn't include in our list? Leave a comment and link below, and we'll be sure to check it out!

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