Cockpit USA

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Four Men’s Fall Fashion Trends We Love (plus How to Find them Made in the USA)

If you're shopping for the perfect style looks for men, it's nice to have help from someone who knows what they are doing. Have you heard of Trunk Club? It's a simple concept, without any fees, for men who want to leave the shopping and style consultation up to someone one else. My girl, Vicki Pagonis, Trunk Club Stylist, gives men a brief style preference assessment and then send trunks of clothing directly to your office or house, free of charge! Ask for your American made men's Fall fashion finds when discussing your Trunk shipment. So you don't look completely clueless when you chat with...

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Cockpit USA American Made Jackets and Handbags

Cockpit USA has been making American made jackets and handbags since 1975. They are a current supplier to the US Government, and have been since 1980. They are the Official Supplier to the US Air Force of the A-2 Leather Pilot Jacket, and they offer the largest production of quality Made in USA outerwear. The brand's fashion collections are made with authentic materials and hardy construction, drawn from our historical archive of military apparel. If that isn't a patriotic brand, I'm not sure what is. I'm obsessed with the American made men's jacket, Cockpit USA M-65 Field Jacket. It's so stylish and well made....

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