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American Made Bathroom Essentials We Love

We can all support the made in USA movement one item at a time by making a commitment to purchase American made items instead of similar items manufactured overseas when they are available.  Recently, many items in my bathroom needed replacing, and finding high quality American made bathroom essentials turned out to be easier than I thought. Here are several items that I found. American made bathroom essentials we love American Craft towels at Bed Bath & Beyond are 100% grown, woven and sewn in the United States. These luxurious towels are made with exclusive Sweet South Cotton, grown in the southern USA, a region that is...

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Everything You Need For Your Bedroom to Rest Easy, All Made in the USA

Sometimes when we’re looking for purchases made in America, it’s easy to forget that our country has a long tradition of manufacturing exceptional furniture, including made in USA mattresses and housewares. You could outfit your entire house with goods made domestically! What’s more, these goods are of exceptional quality and superior design than those made offshore. Because we spend as much time in our bedroom as anywhere — and spent a third of our lives asleep — let’s look at how to outfit our sleeping quarters. 1. The bed: Harden furniture: Harden furniture makes furniture grown of its own trees in upstate...

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