David Aubrey

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From Drab to Fab with American Made Fashion

Spring has sprung.  Don't get left behind in the darkness of drab winter colors. Take your old look from drab to fab with American made fashion finds. Build a lasting wardrobe with quality made staple wardrobe essentials. I've found some fabulous clothes made in the USA, and some pretty American-made jewelry to share with you. It's spring and you want to look your brightest, but it don't put away your foundational pieces.  Invest in US-made high-quality basics and then make them work for you. Since black is a go-to color in almost every woman's wardrobe, follow these simple steps for...

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Made in USA Monday Fashion: Accessories Brighten Basic Black Pants

Black Pants Styled For Any Occasion by shoppresenza featuring david aubrey jewelry Spring is a busy season. Most people have busy weekends packed with graduation ceremonies, birthday parties and road trips. Sometimes it can be stressful to create an outfit so that you are projecting your most confident self. Simple style is made easy by building your wardrobe with foundational pieces, like well fitting black pants. Make your outfit pop with simple bold accessories. Here's an easy way to use American-made fashion pieces to dress up simple black pants so that you're ready for any occasion! * Select a statement necklace and accessories to complement it. When you walk in the room everyone will be complimenting your great accessories!  Try these David Aubrey marigold colored pieces, made in the USA, from simplysoles.com. *  Add bright and simple accessories that make your outfit pop. You don't have to select pieces that are in a set; add pieces that have varied textures. I like this leather wrap watch from La Mer Collection. * Pick comfortable shoes made in the USA that you can wear from day to night and the next day too! It's best to pick shoes that complement your accessories.  I love Oka-b ballet flats; they are feel like they were made just for you! * Pair your simple black pants with a top that flatters your figure.  I suggest a...

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