Dental Herb Company

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American Made Natural Toothpaste Brands: Five Top Picks

It is important to me that my family uses American made, natural toothpaste. The problem is, natural toothpaste is hard to find in popular big box stores and grocery stores. Most of the toothpaste on the shelves in these stores is sparkling blue or green in color. Yeah, definitely NOT natural. Over the years we have tried many different brands of American made natural toothpaste. If a toothpaste tastes great, fits my ingredients requirements (natural ingredients, no added colors + artificial sweeteners, fluoride free), and leaves our mouths feeling clean, it's a winner for us. Here are our top picks....

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Giveaway: Dental Herb Company Complete Tooth and Gums System

Earlier this week, USA Love List introduced you to the American made (made in New Hampshire, to be exact)  natural dental care products  from the  Dental Herb Company. Today, we are excited to share with you a great opportunity to win a Value Pack of the Dental Herb Company Complete Tooth and Gums System. Make sure to enter so you can have a chance to try these great products yourself. But first, here is some information on WHY you just have to try them! Dental Herb Company products are different from other dental care products The Dental Herb Company...

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Three New Finds for Natural Dental Care, Made in the USA

Today, USA Love List will share with you three American made natural dental care products that are not only helpful in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, but that are also natural and Eco-friendly. Anyone who has ever had a toothache, or gum inflammation knows that if your mouth is unhappy, your whole body is unhappy! And this is true not only because of the pain and discomfort that we feel, but it is also medically believed that ones oral health is directly related to ones overall health.  Get to know these American made products and make your mouth happy....

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