It is important to me that my family uses American made, natural toothpaste. The problem is, natural toothpaste is hard to find in popular big box stores and grocery stores. Most of the toothpaste on the shelves in these stores is sparkling blue or green in color. Yeah, definitely NOT natural.

Over the years we have tried many different brands of American made natural toothpaste. If a toothpaste tastes great, fits my ingredients requirements (natural ingredients, no added colors + artificial sweeteners, fluoride free), and leaves our mouths feeling clean, it's a winner for us. Here are our top picks.

American Made Natural Toothpaste Brands: Four Top Picks

Overall Family Favorite: Davids

Natural toothpaste top picks: Family favorite Davids | Made in California, fluoride free, sulfate free, no coloring, no artificial sweeteners, cruelty free
Made in California, Davids toothpaste is our all around family favorite, meaning this is the toothpaste that the whole family agrees on using.  I love the ingredients. Davids toothpaste is fluoride free, sulfate free, and contains no artificial sweeteners and color. We all love the taste. Davids natural toothpaste is minty, but not too “spicy”, as my 6 year old daughter calls it, and it leaves everyones mouth feeling clean and refreshed.  Bonus: the Davids toothpaste tube is made from aluminum, not plastic, so it is recyclable.  

Favorite Non Mint Flavor: Earthpaste Lemon Twist

Favorite non mint flavored toothpaste: Earthpaste Lemon Twist| Made with Redmond clay, Fluoride free, Glycerin free,
We learned that this family prefers mint flavored toothpaste, but of all the non mint flavors we tried, Earthpaste Lemon Twist is our top pick.  This is technically a “For Kids” toothpaste, but the adults liked the taste more than the youngest kid did. Made with food grade Redmond Clay and flavored with essential oils, Earthpaste Lemon Twist natural toothpaste leaves everyones mouths lemony fresh. Earthpaste natural toothpaste is fluoride free, glycerin free, sulfate free, and contains no artificial colors.

Favorite for gum health: Dental Herb Company

Natural Toothpaste Top Picks | Dental Herb Company | American Made
The Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Paste is a favorite for adults who have a history of gum inflammation and/or bad breath. The natural ingredients in the Tooth & Gums Paste are antimicrobial in nature to prevent/fight the bacteria that causes gum disease & breath issues. This is my hubby's favorite toothpaste as he loves toothpaste with a kick to it and this toothpaste is definitely the “spiciest” of them all. Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Paste is for adults only, and contains no synthetic fluoride, and no sulfates. 

Favorite Activated Charcoal Toothpaste Option

My Magic Mud Whitening Toothpaste - Activated Charcoal, Fluoride and SLS free
You may have noticed that activated charcoal is all the rage these days. My Magic Mud uses activated charcoal for its detoxifying and whitening properties. Other key ingredients including coconut oil, cacao powder, bentonite clay, and essential oils. Despite its color you'll be surprised how this toothpaste leaves your teeth feeling free of clean when you run your tongue over them. Teeth are noticeably whiter with only a few days of brushing too. This toothpaste is free fluoride, SLS, glycerin, triclosan, foaming agents, gluten, and GMOs. 

Kid's (the under 7 crowd) favorite: Tom's of Maine

Natural Toothpaste Top Picks | Tom's of Maine Children's Toothpaste | American Made
Tom's of Maine natural children's toothpaste is the toothpaste my kids' have been using since they have had teeth. It is still my daughter's favorite toothpaste, but my son, at age 8, feels he is too old for a “children's” toothpaste.  Tom's of Maine children's toothpaste is available fluoride free, has natural strawberry flavorings, and is dye free.

American made natural toothpaste brands: Top Picks

Disclosure: USA Love List received some products in this post unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.

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