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Vlog, Review & Giveaway: Earth-friendly Family Finds, Made in USA

[youtube] I recently received a new American-made product called Washdrops that is designed to be a more environmentally friendly way to wash your car at home.  It arrived right around Earth Day and it got me thinking about how many wonderful American-made products our family uses to help us be a little more green. I decided to try making my first vlog, or video blog post, so I could show you first-hand some of the USA-made things we love because they help us care for the Earth. Some of the products I shared in the video we have written about, such as SplashTags, Goodbyns *Goodbyns are no longer made in the USA* and Neat-os in the kitchen. Bonus points for those with eagle eyes to spot other made in USA products around the house such as Fiestaware, a KitchenAid Mixer, and an Eraselet.  Outside, I shared our compost bin, our drip irrigation system, our fuel-efficient Winnebago/Itasca motorhome, and then finally, I showed how easy it is to use Washdrops, even on a chilly windy day. Washdrops Review I really enjoyed reviewing this product because I usually put off washing the cars or the motorhome until it is a perfect day – and then I don't feel like doing the work on a perfect day!  But I absolutely had to film this vlog on a certain afternoon and it was...

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USA LoveList Weekend Recap: New PinterestSkippyjon Jones, Eraselets, & the Best of Ohio

Happy happy springtime weekend. Thanks for checking out the USA Love List Weekend Recap – the best way to catch up on all the lists of products Made in the USA and everything else that was new this week. USA Love List on Pinterest Our biggest news is that we have launched a new USA Love List account on Pinterest. If you were following our single Made in USA board before, please click here or click that P to the right and check out our new set-up. Each of our devoted Editors had amazing pinboards of their own featuring their favorite US made products. We are now working on bringing all of those pins together into one place and collecting them into curated categories so you can follow all of them, or follow the specific topics that interest you. The other exciting news about our new USA Love List Pinterest account is that you can join the great American treasure hunt for the very best Made in USA stuff.  We're inviting you to join the USA Love List team as a contributor to our USA Love List VIP's pin board.  Pin something using the Pinterest tag “@USA Love List” or just go ahead and reach out to us through our Contact Form with your Pinterest handle. We'll add you as a board contributor and you can pin your Made...

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USA Love List Weekend Recap: Spring Styles, Oregon, Trends & Tans

Welcome to the weekend. This is the place to catch up on anything you may have missed during this week. An exciting milestone: we passed 1000 likes on Facebook, so for those of you who told your friends and family that buying American is important to you, thank you. The week started when USA Love List Fashion Editor Jill Homiak showed us how to take our neutral foundational style pieces into spring with bright, current colors, using all American-made fashion of course. Tuesday was the last day to vote for American-made products in the Walmart Get On The shelf contest. The final round starts next week and if any of the final products are made in the USA, we'll keep you posted. Are you from Oregon? Know anyone who is? Want to go? Catch up with our latest guest post in our State-byState series.  Jeff Rose of wrote about his top ten products made in Oregon and we welcome your nominations for more favorites in the comments. Last week's giveaway continues with TWO prizes from Splash Tags. Winners will each receive their choice of three sets of Splash Tags and a set of glasses to help them kick off their summer entertaining. Splash tags are one of the most delightful Made in USA items we have encountered so we're thrilled to be able to share them with you. We...

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Support Made in USA & Make a Difference in Walmart Labs’ Get On The Shelf Contest

We've been writing about Walmart's Get on the Shelf Contest since we first heard about it. It is an American-Idol style contest, the first of its kind from a major retailer, where companies can submit a video of their product with the hope of being selected by Walmart. The videos are screened and posted online where viewers can vote for their favorite products via Facebook or text messaging. We have been encouraging companies committed to manufacturing in the USA to enter. Now we are encouraging everyone who cares about our American-made businesses to vote, comment, share, connect, and generally spread the word.  This is our chance to send a message to Wal-Mart about the kinds of products we want to buy when we shop in their stores. You can vote every day from now through April 3rd for the first round and we will post an update for the final round. Qubits Vote For Qubits Construction Toy in Walmart's Get On the Shelf Contest or from your mobile phone, text 2536 to 383838. Qubits is a construction toy that is modular, geometric and fun, making it easy to build & create strong structures. Qubits is made in the USA. Eraselets Vote For Eracelets, bracelets that erase in Walmart's Get On the Shelf Contest or from your mobile phone, text 896 to 383838. Eraselets are stretchy, colorful bracelets that erase....

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