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Yoga Supplies: All made in the USA. Namaste.

We are thrilled to report that you can find everything you need for yoga, all made in the USA. This is the year to make sure your yoga gear is American made so you can trust that the materials used will be good for you and for the earth. One of the first things a yoga instructor will tell you is to clear your mind.  But who made your yoga mat? And under what kinds of working conditions? Who made your yoga mat? And under what kinds of working conditions? Click To Tweet Yoga Supplies: All Made in the...

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USA Love List’s Weekend Recap: 100th Post!

This weekend's recap marks USA Love List's 100th post… Wow!  We launched November 1st of 2011 and in the last five months we have grown exponentially, day by day and week by week.  This is a good time to say a big Thank You to all of our followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Email Updates, YouTube, and RSS.  Your energy and interest in American-made products keeps us growing.  Thank You as well to the many wonderful companies we have met, the big ones and the small ones, we love to hear your stories and we are inspired by your commitment to keeping your products Made in the USA. That said, let's enjoy a quick recap for this weekend.  If you are stopping by, click around on the things you may have missed, then get out and enjoy the nice weather if you've got it. Monday brought us another excellent Made in USA Monday fashion feature.  Our editor Jill Homiak showed us how to brighten up for spring with a little pop of trendy neon, using American-made fashion, of course.  We say things like this almost every week, but we've got some big news coming. If you are a fan of our Made in USA fashion collections, we have something new and exciting in store… stay tuned. We were treated this week to a guest post from Luke Eriksen of...

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USA Love List’s Weekly Recap: Shamrockin’ Fashion, Walmart Contest, Custom Hardware & a Yoga Tee Giveaway

Welcome to the weekend on USA Love List where we leave you with a convenient recap of all the ways we celebrated American-made companies and products during the week.  We know you want to buy more Made in USA stuff. We know you feel like you should but it isn't always easy.  At USA Love List we try to make it a little easier.  We are adding products by hand to our USA Love List Catalog all the time so you can always check in there.  If you have a particular request and need help, we'd be glad to hear from you via our Contact Page. Shamrock Style This is St. Patty's weekend so if you haven't seen it yet, check out our guide to Made in USA fashion, Shamrockin' It Style.  Our fashion editor, Jill Homiak of Presenza is always on the look out for American-made style and she pairs her style palettes with very practical tips that are worth coming back for every week. Insightful Interview Thanks to a guest post from Sue Garrison of, we had an opportunity to hear first-hand from the president of the Longleaf Collection, a North Carolina-based door hardware company about exactly what it means to his business to be all made in the US and how he is able to offer products and services that his competitors importing from overseas...

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Made in USA Review & Giveaway: Free To Be Yoga Tee or Tank of your choice

We featured Free To Be Yoga Tees a while back in our article on Yoga Gear, Made in the USA which has turned out to be one of the most popular lists of things made in the U.S. that we've ever done. Now we're delighted to do a complete review of these earth-friendly, American-made tees and we're launching a giveaway so perhaps you'll win one too. Julie Geisinger, founder of Michigan-based Free To Be Yoga Tees, sent me the long sleeved charcoal tee pictured to the left above. [Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.]  The shirt is adorned with an Apache blessing reading, “May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.” Lovely. Just the kind of message I needed to see, even wrap myself in, literally, after a long day.  The tee itself is made of organic fibers: 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Thin, but not too thin. Stretchy, but not too stretchy.  And so, so soft. The shirt came when the weather was chilly and I can't say how many times I danced into my closet, looking forward to pulling it over my head.  With a pair of yoga pants and...

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