Welcome to the weekend on USA Love List where we leave you with a convenient recap of all the ways we celebrated American-made companies and products during the week.  We know you want to buy more Made in USA stuff. We know you feel like you should but it isn't always easy.  At USA Love List we try to make it a little easier.  We are adding products by hand to our USA Love List Catalog all the time so you can always check in there.  If you have a particular request and need help, we'd be glad to hear from you via our Contact Page.

Shamrock Style
This is St. Patty's weekend so if you haven't seen it yet, check out our guide to Made in USA fashion, Shamrockin' It Style.  Our fashion editor, Jill Homiak of Presenza is always on the look out for American-made style and she pairs her style palettes with very practical tips that are worth coming back for every week.

Insightful Interview
Thanks to a guest post from Sue Garrison of KB-resource.com, we had an opportunity to hear first-hand from the president of the Longleaf Collection, a North Carolina-based door hardware company about exactly what it means to his business to be all made in the US and how he is able to offer products and services that his competitors importing from overseas can't deliver.

Vote for USA
We were very excited a while back to tell all of our favorite up-and-coming entrepreneurs about the first of its kind contest from Walmart Labs called Get On The Shelf. They invited companies to submit videos of their products and the rest of us are invited to vote for our favorites.  Voting is now open. The first round runs through March 22nd.  USA Love List has posted all of the American-made products we could find in one place where you can watch all the videos and get the info to vote daily.  We are glad to be able to support these small companies that are making the products in the US and we hope everyone will take this opportunity to send a message to Walmart that we want to be able to buy US made goods when we shop there.  Go ahead and watch the videos then vote. Warning: your kids will want to watch the Eraselet monkey repeatedly!

Reviews and Giveaway News
Finally, we announced the winner of our Naked Binders giveaway. Congrats to Stephanie P!  We posted a review and launched a new giveaway of super-soft Free To Be Yoga Tees.  And the review/giveaway for a Fiesta-ware pitcher is still running until next week.  It is a lot of fun to read the comments and hear everyone's stories about why they collect Fiesta and which colors they will choose when they win.

Enjoy the weather, whatever it looks like, wherever you are.  Keep an eye out for those three magic words, “Made in USA”and ask a friend to join you on your treasure hunt.