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American Made Gifts For the Foodie

If you love to eat, and you love to eat well, you know that great meals start with the best ingredients and involve the right equipment. It takes time to acquire all the essentials for a complete gourmet kitchen, especially if you are trying to find the best Made in USA options out there. From the amazing Blendtec blender, to the best coffeemaker and gourmet foods, we found outstanding American made gifts for the foodie you're sure to love.    If you haven’t heard about Sweet Jules Caramels, you’re absolutely missing out. This Minnesota-based company, run by two sisters, was born from a...

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Giveaway: Live Maine Lobster Delivered to Your Door

Have you ever dreamed of having live Maine lobster delivered directly to your door? It sounds impossible, but it is quite possible! In the darkest days of winter (or in the long, languid days of summer), the folks at will catch and expertly package live lobsters and other northestern seafood specialties. Packed on ice and shipped next-day, they arrive in time for dinner. We are thrilled that one of our readers is going to get a huge seafood feast for four, direct from Maine. I've written before about how, when you are thinking about American made gifts, you...

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