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5 ‘Made In USA’ Crowdfunding Campaigns You’ll Want to Know About Right Now

Crowdfunding campaigns are created when business owners need to seek financial assistance to make their dreams a reality. The following companies really stood out to USA Love List as ‘Made in USA ‘ entrepreneurs and visionaries.  You can show your support of their goals by pledging  money to these campaigns if you can, and sharing them via your social media networks to spread the word! Five Made in USA Crowdfunding Campaigns 1. Factory Girls:  High end fashion manufacturing in Atlanta Factory Girls is the one stop location for high end fashion product development in Atlanta. From studio space, to...

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‘Made in USA’ Crowdfunding Campaigns: Make a difference by supporting an American Made Project

Crowdfunding is the fund raising choice for the digital age! Crowdfunding is when a group of people pitch in money to help fund a project. Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, make great platforms for business owners to set up crowdfunding campaigns when funds are needed for company start up or growth.  At USA Love List, we have discovered fabulous American Made companies via such crowdfunding campaigns, as well as recognized old favorites seeking help with expansion. We can all make a difference on what products we see those elusive ‘Made in USA' labels, especially if we are...

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