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Rainy Day Fashion Under $100, all American Made

Don't let the rain cramp your style. From brights to florals, I've found American made rainy day fashion under $100 that will surely brighten up any drizzly day. TWOALITY RAIN BOOTS When it's raining out, you've gotta have the right shoes. I know stylish rain boots aren't easy to come by, but now with TwoAlity boots you can design your own. The concept is a transparent boot, with interchangeable liners in a wide range of bright, fun colors. The liners and boot combo allow for versatility through 3 functions in 1. There is the water resistant element of rain...

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Three Rules For Dressing Your Best, For Different Body Types

If you follow my Made in USA fashion advice, you know that I'm not a fan of trends – I am a fan of being on trend. With the seasons changing, many of us are shopping for new spring and summer clothes to update our wardrobe. These are some handy suggestions to keep in mind when you are in that fitting room! Remember, you want your style to be current and modern, while still figure flattering. You can find clothing that fits spring fashion trends AND look fabulous. Here is how. Before You Buy, Try Clothing On! When it...

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10 American Made Vegan Products We Love

Whether you are looking for the perfect vegan gift or converting to vegan products for your own use, we've got you.  Luckily most companies producing vegan products proudly display their information, making it easier to find.  Vegan products are made with careful consideration so the vast majority of vegan friendly products are made in the USA of some of the best ingredients and highest standards.  USA Love List considers the following American made vegan products to be among the best. American Made Vegan Products Vegan Bath & Body Supplies Crystal Body Deodorant is one of those products that you want to share with...

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