Lisa Hoffman Jewelry

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Jewelry We Love: Ultimate Source Guide for American Made Jewelry

I'm pretty excited to share all the made in USA jewelry brands that we love! I've talked about taking small steps to buy made in USA goods when possible. Why not commit to making all your gift purchases made in the USA? If you're in the market for a gift for your girlfriend, mother or other female friend, here are our suggestions for American made jewelry. American Made Jewelry That We Love TevaJane: Nature Inspired  Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry TevaJane nature inspired precious metal jewelry is designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Tennessee. TevaJane jewelry pieces are all available...

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Your Spring Check List – Made in USA Must Haves For Spring

I can freely enjoy spring when all my winter chores are done and I have some new products to take on the new season.  Making sure all areas of my life are in order, from the garden to my wardrobe, and even down to my toes.  After being hidden in socks and boots all winter, they need to be fit for flip flops.   Once everything is ready for spring, I can enjoy all that the warmer weather has to offer.  Here are a few of my favorite routines, involving some of my favorite made in the USA products and must haves for Spring: 1) Open all of the windows on the first warm day and light a fresh candle.  One of my favorite scents is Free Spirit by Bridgewater Candle Company. Grab one of their new car vent clips which are great to freshen up the car. 2) Before packing away favorite sweaters or wool suits, freshen them up with a Dryel kit – in case you didn't know, it is in fact made in USA. The kit turns your dryer into a home dry cleaner and works especially well for knits. Once they are clean and fresh,  de-pill, fold neatly and tuck a few floral sachets between items or spritz your closet with a springtime scent from Greenleaf. Their pretty products are made in South Carolina. 3) Invest in a fresh pair of gardening...

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