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February 13th is Galentine’s Day, Ladies. Get Ready.

I used to think Valentine's Day was such a pointless holiday. In the recent years though, I've come to use it as an excuse to make sure those whom I care about know it. You don't have to buy them diamonds, or even roses; I think a nice card is a simple way to do it. If you're looking for cool American made Galentine's Day gifts for your gal pals, I have some lovely suggestions for every budget. Did you know Goetze's Caramel Creams come strawberry and chocolate? Make your own “chocolate covered strawberries”. Simply cut the caramel creams in half...

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Our Source List for Hard-to-find Made in the USA Christmas Decorations

Have you been hunting for American Made Christmas decorations?  They can be hard to find, but we found them for you.  Holiday decorations are something that you get out and use year after year. Choose made in USA products that will last, that you can trust, and most importantly, that you feel good about.   Don't miss our post on holiday decorating ideas using American made products or our tips on storing holiday decorations with American made products. Hard to Find – American Made Christmas Decorations Whether you have already begun transforming your home into a winter wonderland, or you have yet...

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Don’t be scared to invest in these Eco-friendly, American-made Halloween Ideas

If you have already started the hunt for those “Made in the USA” words on Halloween decorations and costumes in the big box stores, you might be feeling discouraged by now. Have no worries! There are ways to support American manufacturers and local business while being Eco-friendly too. Here are some great tips: Halloween Decorations Nature in fall is beautiful, so use this beauty in your decor. Support the local economy and visit your local farmers' market for decoration inspiration. Pick up potted mums, gourds, and pumpkins. Gourds can be arranged in a bowl or basket for a table centerpiece. If there are farmers that sell corn, ask if they have corn stalks you can purchase to add to your Halloween yard decor. Many markets also have handmade artisan vendors. Look for locally made items like beeswax candles, and fall scented soaps to add to your interior fall decorations. These items can all be composted after use, so no lasting trash! Think “reusable” when purchasing fall and Halloween decorations. The longer the items last, the better. Fabric tablecloths, like this Black Lace Spider Web Tablecloth from Norton's U.S.A, is a great alternative to paper throw away ones and can be used for years to come. Norton's U.S.A has a great selection of reusable indoor Halloween decorations and all the items they sell are made in the USA. Turn your trash into treasure...

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