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Four Affordable Valentine’s Day Foodie Gifts, All Made in the USA

While I'm not overly fond of the term foodie, because I think it's overused and ill-defined, I am a lover of food. I look for items that are made from great, organic, and local ingredients. Gift giving for a “foodie” is easy – there's an element of practically and lust associated with food gifts. Okay, maybe lust is a strong word, but if you're a foodie, you'll understand. Four Affordable Valentine's Day Foodie Gifts I've picked a few of my favorite and and most affordable American made products for a tasteful Valentine's Day gathering for anyone. Sweet and Simple If you're...

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Eleven American Made Organic Products for a Healthier Lifestyle

Let's talk about American made organic products. Keeping our body and family healthy is a primary concern.  Creating a home filled with products that are useful and healthy feels good.  Selecting organic goods limit the amount of toxins you bring into your home. Choosing those products of the high quality American made variety reduces your carbon footprint, builds our workforce, supports our economy and provides your home with trusted products. Surround yourself and your family with healthy choices whenever possible. AMERICAN MADE ORGANIC BEAUTY, STYLE & PERSONAL CARE Our skin is the body's largest organ. With that in mind,...

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Seven American Made Gifts For Craft Cocktail Lovers

For everyone who firmly believes in the saying, “It's 5 o'clock somewhere.”, this list is for you! We think you'll love USA Love List's American made gifts for craft cocktail lovers. For more gift ideas visit American Made Gifts for Enthusiasts of Craft Cocktails.  Seven American Made Gifts for Craft Cocktail Lovers I know I love a cocktail of quality. Whether you like to make them yourself or enjoy one that's already made, there are options for both. Bully Boy White Whiskey is my go-to spirit. It's has the attributes of both vodka and whiskey – it's clean like vodka,...

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