Pangea Organics

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Our Beauty Editor Selects the Best American Made Beauty Products of 2013

Over the course of a year I am lucky enough to sample many of the best American made beauty products.  While I like something about nearly everything I come across I have some favorites.  These products are the ones that set themselves apart from others in their category, products that have made themselves a place in my go to line up, products that I have had the best experiences with, and products I have had positive feedback from others as well. Great American Made Face and Body Care Products Exfoliant – Buff Her customized, all natural facial exfoliant  serves...

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Giveaway: A Personalized Pangea Skin Care Kit from Elizabeth’s Clean Remedy

I introduced Elizabeth's Clean Remedy, an eco friendly, made in USA shopping source when I reviewed several items from their online marketplace. The Pangea Organics skin care kits stood out as an exceptional product. That is why we want to get a kit into one of our readers' hands. Can't wait to try one? Buy yours here now. There are three types of skin care kits and the winner will select the one that is right for them. Dry and sensitive skin skin. This is the one I reviewed and contains my favorite face cream to date.    Incluced in...

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Introducing Elizabeth’s Clean Remedy: A Select Source for American-made, Organic Beauty Products

Elizabeth's Clean Remedy is an online shopping boutique.  This shop carries eco friendly and organic beauty products and nearly all are made in the USA.  The site doesn't carry an abundance of items which makes for a more exclusive shopping experience.  Sometimes it's nice to have someone doing the sifting for you.  An array of top of the line goods already selected and layed out for you to browse is a welcome convenience. I was sent several of their hand picked items to try for myself.  I did not expect to love everything but I did. I was thoroughly surprised with the Kelly Teegarden Lip Gloss after some disappointing encounters in the past with organic lip color.  Not only was it non-toxic, but it was beautifully pigmented, creamy, and slightly minty.  The tube has a push button light and side mirror too, which is an added bonus.  It certainly gets people talking about the product.  For a product enthusiast like me, this is excitement in a tube!  Beautification aside, the back story on this line gives you a reason to believe in the brand and want to support it. Have you tried non-toxic deodorant?  In many cases the smell of your under-arms ends up being the toxic thing!  Now, I have been using clinical strength deodorant after trying with failure to at least vary it up with something more...

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