Pluto’s Jamaican Seasonings

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Looking Forward to Getting your Grill Out? Enter to Win a Gift Basket of Pluto’s Caribbean Seasonings

Did you catch our guest post from Marie Maguire earlier this week about her favorite seasonings, all made in North Carolina?  She called out Pluto's Jerk Seasoning as one that she would not even leave the country without having a bottle in her suitcase.  That's a pretty strong endorsement! It certainly piqued my interest and the next day, I found myself on the phone with Pluto himself.  He wants the USA Love List readers to have the chance to try his Caribbean sauces and seasonings so he is offering a huge gift basket containing one of each of his...

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Spice things up with “Goodness Grown in North Carolina”: American Made Seasonings We Love

I'm talking today about my favorite American made seasonings and spice mixes. I’m one of those people who cooks for my family just about every evening. I do it not to win the housewife of the year award, but because it’s healthier and cheaper than eating out or picking up pre-made. Now, lest you think for one minute that my peeps are eating four star every evening, they are not. Like all of you who cook, I, too, face the challenges of the rut and the humdrum. To keep my cooking interesting, I depend on the others’ talents, and provide...

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