Power Toothpaste

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Giveaway: Power Toothpaste – Get A Rush While You Brush

If you're worried about coffee staining  your teeth, but still need a fast fix of caffeine in the morning, you're absolutely going to want to read on… BUT FIRST COFFEE…OR SHALL WE SHALL TOOTHPASTE? Maybe you missed our feature last year about Power Toothpaste, the only caffeinated toothpaste on the market, that is also made in the USA? If you need, we're happy to be the ones to share this POWERful new(ish) product with you. THE BENEFITS OF USING POWER TOOTHPASTE GET A RUSH WHILE YOU BRUSH: Power Toothpaste kicks you into gear faster than drinking your cup of Joe...

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Caffeinated Toothpaste! Help launch a new Made in USA product.

Toothpaste. With Caffeine. I tried it. I love it. It changed my mornings. And here is the best news of all: Power Toothpaste, maker of this buzzy new product, is setting up manufacturing in the USA. Toothpaste? With Caffeine? We all love our morning coffee, don't we?  The toughest part of the day is the time between waking up and dragging ourselves to the kitchen or even the coffee shop. I used to fantasize about building a coffee bar right in my bedroom. Or I'd beg my husband to bring my coffee to me while I was still in...

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