PUR Minerals

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The Best Clay Mask To Detox Your Skin – 6 American Made Face Masks

The best clay mask will deep clean your skin.  The ingredients draw out the oils and impurities from the pores.   In the process, you get tighter pores too.  After mask removal, you must hydrate with your moisturizer to restore balance to your clean, tightened, and toned face. I've picked my six favorite face masks, all American made so you can trust the ingredients on your skin. For more American made beauty product suggestions, don't miss the Made in USA Beauty Products: Ultimate Source List.   Key Benefits Of Using A Clay Mask deep cleanse tighten pores remove impurities control oil tone...

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The 10 Best American Made Beauty Products of 2014

The beauty world is overwhelmed with exciting products. Choosing only American made beauty products helps narrow it down, but only slightly.  As USA Love List's Beauty Editor, I sample new things daily, and change my personal routine often.  Certain things gain a permanent place and doting recommendations. For every 20 products tried only 1 reigns queen.  These 10 products outperformed the others of their kind, in addition to being American made products you can trust. Supergoop CC Cream Skin care and coverage combined in one.  This cc cream is complexion perfection.  The lightweight makeup up evens out skin tone...

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Floral Fashion Frenzy: 3 Easy Spring Trends to Make Made in USA More Fun

Floral patterns are a focal point of this season's look.  The beautiful floral hues are everywhere too.  The whimsy of flowers and structure of good design make for a polished yet effortless look of beauty.  We've found this trend blooming among our favorite Made in USA fashion and beauty sources. Accessories are a great way to add a touch of floral fashion to your look.  The right pattern will make a simple outfit quite the statement, taking it from classic (always in style) to on trend with one small addition. Oak73 is known for their beautiful patterns and fabrics. ...

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How To Get Clear Skin – Made in USA Acne Products & Tips

Absolutely no one wants to be bothered with acne.  How to get clear skin is one of the main questions I get during my work as a licensed esthetician in the salon.  This comes from teen and adult suffers alike but each person's treatment is different and getting clear skin is very much a process of trial and error.  When I see someone in my chair that is suffering with acne this is where I start the process: HOW TO GET CLEAR SKIN A.  Address and communicate what kind of acne is present. There are  low and higher grades...

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3 Detox Facial Masks for Healthy Skin

To get a fresh faced look you need to get rid of things that are keeping your skin from being its healthiest.  A season of cocktails and party food can dull your complexion and start to show up in your pores.  Dead skin cells sit on the surface preventing good hydration from properly penetrating your skin leaving your face without its radiance. To restore the glow, tone and clean your pores and increase moisture a detox facial mask is needed.  The clay in detoxifying masks draws out impurities and deeply cleans your skin.  This also tones your pores, giving...

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