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How to Shop for American-made: Our Favorite Tips & Sources

Big thanks to our loyal readers who follow us to find out about trends and products made in the USA. If you have been hanging around here for a while, you are not likely to be one of those people who says, “Nothing is made in America anymore.” You know that's not true. Every single day, we find more stuff we love, Made in the USA. But, BUT, in spite of our best efforts, it is still hard to find what you need. Here are our best strategies for everyday shopping, and finding great American made gifts: Search For It. This one seems so obvious, but sometimes we forget. Whatever it is you need, search on Google or on Amazon for it with “Made in USA”. Sometimes it pops right up. The other day, I was buying dog nail clippers (thrilling!) and sure enough, I easily found a pair. However, I also searched for a “Stapler Made in USA” and came up empty handed. Every purchase makes a difference to somebody's job, somebody's business, somebody's hometown, so it is worth a quick search. Check our Pinterest Boards. We don't always get a chance to write about every product we find, but when our editors want to remember or find out more about a cool American-made product, we pin it to our USA Love List VIP's board and eventually, those pins...

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Three major catalog websites make Made in USA shopping easy.

As we slide toward the holiday weekend, I want to take a moment to acknowledge three major online retailers who made it easier this year for me, personally, to find great Made in USA gifts. I wish every company and catalog did as well as these three do with labeling their products clearly by country of origin and making sure that their search engines deliver accurate results. even has a “Made in USA” link on their home banner showing their customers that there really are a lot of wonderful American-made products and gifts. Look under “Shopping Navigation” in the left-hand light blue Navigation bar and you will find a link that says, “Made in USA.” (So simple: would this be too much to ask of every site?) Click it and you will find 115 products from great companies like Weber, Fiesta, NordicWare, and Calphalon. Red Envelope From the main page, enter “Made in USA” in the search box. The results are accurate and reliable. You will find at least three pages worth of especially lovely American-made gift items, all available with Red Envelope's well-known gift wrapping. UnCommon Goods When you visit UnCommon Goods, enter “Made in USA” in the search box. It will reveal an unbelievable selection of over 720 great items, most of which have reviews to help you evaluate their truly unique inventory. I have...

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