As we slide toward the holiday weekend, I want to take a moment to acknowledge three major online retailers who made it easier this year for me, personally, to find great Made in USA gifts. I wish every company and catalog did as well as these three do with labeling their products clearly by country of origin and making sure that their search engines deliver accurate results. ¬† even has a “Made in USA” link on their home banner showing their customers that there really are a lot of wonderful American-made products and gifts.
Look under “Shopping Navigation” in the left-hand light blue Navigation bar and you will find a link that says, “Made in USA.” (So simple: would this be too much to ask of every site?) Click it and you will find 115 products from great companies like Weber, Fiesta, NordicWare, and Calphalon.
Red Envelope
From the main page, enter “Made in USA” in the search box. The results are accurate and reliable. You will find at least three pages worth of especially lovely American-made gift items, all available with Red Envelope's well-known gift wrapping.
UnCommon Goods
When you visit UnCommon Goods, enter “Made in USA” in the search box. It will reveal an unbelievable selection of over 720 great items, most of which have reviews to help you evaluate their truly unique inventory. I have personal experience with their customer service and it is outstanding.

We genuinely hope that these three sites make it easier for you to shop for American-made gifts and products. They were a delightful discovery when I couldn't find all of the gifts I needed in the USA Love List shop. Believe me, I love Amazon, but this simple “Made in USA” search will not work there at all, or in most other places. However, on these three websites in particular, I found hundreds of wonderful American-made gifts, from companies large and small. ¬†I am excited to announce that USA Love List has partnered with each of these three as an affiliate and will be showcasing some of their Made in USA items in the new year. The shopping you do when you click through these links helps support USA Love List's efforts to

  • promote the best of American-made products
  • demand more Made in USA goods and better labeling from retailers, and
  • make buying American easier for consumers
If these things are important to you too, let us know and
show your USA love wherever you shop!