Rosie Made

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Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls: Made in the USA Beauty Products They’ll Love!

This is the guide to all things beauty related that make great stocking stuffers for teenage girls.  We all see the aisles of cheap, packaged up and made just for Christmas bath and body junk in our stores.  Skip that stuff because we have found bath and beauty items that are packaged for fun, made in the USA, and they are the highest quality.  No need to sacrifice those things this season. 10 Made in USA Stocking Stuffers for Teen Girls Lip Smackers is made in the USA and they have tons of fun packs.  The Coca- Cola set...

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For Her: Mother’s Day Is All About Supporting The Special Women In Your Life

For those who might have forgotten, Mother's Day is on Sunday May 12 this year. You can consider this your gentle reminder. That means it's time to buy a gift for her.  The day means something different for everyone, but for me it's pretty bittersweet. I use the term “for her” loosely because Mother's Day makes me think of all the women in my life who have served as a motherly figure to me. Losing my mother at age 15 wasn't easy, but I had a lot of wonderful women in my life who were supportive of my twin sister, Erin, and...

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