School House

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USA Love List’s Weekend Recap: 100th Post!

This weekend's recap marks USA Love List's 100th post… Wow!  We launched November 1st of 2011 and in the last five months we have grown exponentially, day by day and week by week.  This is a good time to say a big Thank You to all of our followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Email Updates, YouTube, and RSS.  Your energy and interest in American-made products keeps us growing.  Thank You as well to the many wonderful companies we have met, the big ones and the small ones, we love to hear your stories and we are inspired by your commitment to keeping your products Made in the USA. That said, let's enjoy a quick recap for this weekend.  If you are stopping by, click around on the things you may have missed, then get out and enjoy the nice weather if you've got it. Monday brought us another excellent Made in USA Monday fashion feature.  Our editor Jill Homiak showed us how to brighten up for spring with a little pop of trendy neon, using American-made fashion, of course.  We say things like this almost every week, but we've got some big news coming. If you are a fan of our Made in USA fashion collections, we have something new and exciting in store… stay tuned. We were treated this week to a guest post from Luke Eriksen of...

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USA Love List’s Weekly Recap: Oscars, leap day, & Wisconsin

Ah, we made it!  This post means it is the weekend! But we are thinking ahead to next week already because USA Love List is going to have some exciting news to share mid-week so stay tuned. Did you see our post-Oscars “red carpet to runway” look using all American-made fashion? Our fashion editor Jill Homiak is blowing everyone away with her Made in USA Monday style series. Amanda Maurer of weighed in on her favorite Wisconsin products. Cheese? Check. Bratwurst? Check. If you've spent any time in Wisconsin, you'll want to let us know if we missed anything. We also did a product review of a Made in USA Goodbyn lunchbox, assisted by our resident eight-year-old reviewer. For a streamlined, no-waste, well balanced lunch, it gets our thumbs up. Finally, we have two Made in USA giveaways going on this week and announced a winner on another: One is for a big box of eco-friendly 3-ring binders, tabs and folders from Naked Binder, made in Des Moines, Iowa. The other one is for a luxurious “Green & Clean” body and bath gift set from Dolce Mia, made in Northern California. We also announced the winner of our collegiate hoodie giveaway with School House in North Carolina. They are a great company with a fascinating story, so if you haven't seen that post do check it out. If...

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USA Love List’s Weekly Recap: First week for our new Fashion Editor!

If you are stopping by on the weekend, we're glad to see you. We had a big announcement on Monday, a guest post on Tuesday, introduced a product we love on Wednesday, and had lots of review/giveaway action on Thursday, so take a moment to click around to see anything you may have missed.  Your comments and questions are always welcome! Our HUGE news for the week is the introduction of our new Fashion Editor, Jill Homiak of Presenza.   She did a guest post for us last week that was met with wild enthusiasm. We were thrilled when she agreed to join the USA Love List team. She will create a new all-American-made style palette for us every week. We're calling it Made in USA Monday Fashion and we hope you'll help us spread the word.  In case you missed it, this week's post was called “Gold Rush”.Guest contributor Skip MacKenna of gave us his take on 10 Great Products Made in South Carolina.  Calling all South Carolinians: stop by and tell us what we missed. Quality is especially important for products like vitamins and supplements. We were tickled when we discovered that our favorite brand of vitamins for kids and adults are made in the USA. And they are gummy – can't beat that.   Finally, we have two Made in USA giveaways going on and we want to make...

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USA Love List’s Weekly Recap: Guest posts and giveaways galore

If you are stopping by on the weekend, welcome. We had an exciting week with lots of action so take a moment to click around to see anything you may have missed. First, we have two Made in USA giveaways going on and we want to make sure you don't miss either of them.     One is a beautiful Made in USA iPad2 case from BeaconCase, handcrafted of leather, birch, and cherry. We did a complete review and the giveaway is ending this week.  The other is a stylish Made in USA collegiate hoodie sweatshirt of your choice from School House, an exciting company with a great story you'll want to read about.  The School House giveaway runs to the end of the month.   Keep an eye on the Giveaways section on the right-hand menu bar for the latest info. If you have never entered a giveaway before or if you have any questions about how it works, feel free to send us a note via our Contact form and we will reply right away.  It is true that sometimes American-made products can be slightly more expensive. These giveaways are our way of letting you have a chance to experience some of these wonderful items.  We encourage everyone to show some USA love to our giveaway sponsors and to enter early and often.  With multiple entry options, you have...

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