If you are stopping by on the weekend, welcome. We had an exciting week with lots of action so take a moment to click around to see anything you may have missed.

First, we have two Made in USA giveaways going on and we want to make sure you don't miss either of them.  



Keep an eye on the Giveaways section on the right-hand menu bar for the latest info.

If you have never entered a giveaway before or if you have any questions about how it works, feel free to send us a note via our Contact form and we will reply right away.  It is true that sometimes American-made products can be slightly more expensive. These giveaways are our way of letting you have a chance to experience some of these wonderful items.  We encourage everyone to show some USA love to our giveaway sponsors and to enter early and often.  With multiple entry options, you have a good chance!

In other news, USA Love List is now accepting submissions for guest posts and we had three great ones this week.



Finally, as usual, we added several more hand-picked Made in USA gift items to the