Splash Tags

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USA Love List Weekend Recap: Spring Styles, Oregon, Trends & Tans

Welcome to the weekend. This is the place to catch up on anything you may have missed during this week. An exciting milestone: we passed 1000 likes on Facebook, so for those of you who told your friends and family that buying American is important to you, thank you. The week started when USA Love List Fashion Editor Jill Homiak showed us how to take our neutral foundational style pieces into spring with bright, current colors, using all American-made fashion of course. Tuesday was the last day to vote for American-made products in the Walmart Get On The shelf contest. The final round starts next week and if any of the final products are made in the USA, we'll keep you posted. Are you from Oregon? Know anyone who is? Want to go? Catch up with our latest guest post in our State-byState series.  Jeff Rose of FabOregon.com wrote about his top ten products made in Oregon and we welcome your nominations for more favorites in the comments. Last week's giveaway continues with TWO prizes from Splash Tags. Winners will each receive their choice of three sets of Splash Tags and a set of glasses to help them kick off their summer entertaining. Splash tags are one of the most delightful Made in USA items we have encountered so we're thrilled to be able to share them with you. We...

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USA Love List Weekend Recap: Style, Beauty, Manufacturing News, Easter Loot, Giveaways!

Let us be among the first to welcome you to the weekend! Thanks for stopping by, clicking around, and catching up on anything you may have missed during this busy week on USA Love List. Our BIGGEST news was yesterday's announcement of our newest team member. Angie Barnes is the new USA Love List Beauty Editor.  A trained esthetician, she will be seeking out the very best American-made beauty products and sending us into the weekend every Friday with great tips. Please welcome her and let her know what kinds of Made in USA cosmetics, hair care, and beauty items you want to see. As usual, we also started the week off in style when our Fashion Editor Jill Homiak delivered one of the most popular all American-made outfits yet in her Made in USA Monday Fashion post on resort wear featuring this spring's pastel trend. Don't miss it. Did you catch the guest post from Ascent Douglas, an initiative to develop a manufacturing hub in Douglas County, Nevada? It is inspiring to hear directly from the people working hard to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. Pick up the phone or get out your carrot-pen right now and let the Easter Bunny know that we have a complete round up of easy-to-find American-made Easy candy and treats.  Gifts and discretionary purchases like these are great places to commit to buying American....

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Made in USA Giveaway: Splash Tags & Glasses

This week we have a fun giveaway for you: a sweet little made in USA product that will help you kick off your summer entertaining.  Splash Tags are one of our favorite items that we have reviewed so check out my experience with them if you didn't catch the full write up in February.  They are a new kind of beverage marker that sticks on your glass or plastic cup.  Reusable, they are less fussy than wine charms. They work on any kind of wine, cocktail, or juice glass so nobody will run off with your beverage.  Available in seven multicolored styles, they are helpful conversation starters. They are also popular with kids (and parents who don't want to wash cups all day). Finally, they make easy and portable hostess gifts, especially because they have a great story behind them. We are thrilled to be giving TWO prizes this week to two of our readers.  One prize is a set of stemmed wine goblets with your choice of three packs of Splash Tags.  The other is a set of stemless glass tumblers, also with your choice of three packs of Splash Tags.  They're just what you need to invite the neighbors over and pop open a bottle of wine or pour a pitcher of iced tea. To learn more, to see the seven different patterns available, or to order...

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Product Review: Splash Tags, Made in USA, are a sweet solution and a go-to gift

When inventor and self-appointed “Tag Daddy” Kurt Robohm offered to send us some of his beverage tag stickers, I enthusiastically agreed, but didn't think much more of it. That is, until they arrived and I instantly recognized that this simple little product was incredibly well-designed. Splash Tags are little reusable sticker tags used to identify drinks in any kind of glass. As soon as I opened the package, I got excited. There is something special about the look, the feel, the packaging, the whole deal.  I almost can't really say yet why these little SplashTags blew me away and exceeded my expectations. It might be the texture? And how they are so thin and stick so well, but stay brand-new looking, no matter how many times I pick them on and off with my fingernail.  I love the texture and the slight shine on them. They really are unique and they are an American made product. “I suppose I might be able to source the printing overseas for less money,” said Robohm.  “But that is really antithetical to what I was trying to accomplish with SplashTags, not to mention the logistical and quality issues that I would have to overcome working with someone overseas.” Robohm is in Virginia, but the tags and packaging are made in Oregon. Once complete, the components come back to Loudon County, Virginia where they...

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