When inventor and self-appointed “Tag Daddy” Kurt Robohm offered to send us some of his beverage tag stickers, I enthusiastically agreed, but didn't think much more of it. That is, until they arrived and I instantly recognized that this simple little product was incredibly well-designed. Splash Tags are little reusable sticker tags used to identify drinks in any kind of glass.

As soon as I opened the package, I got excited. There is something special about the look, the feel, the packaging, the whole deal.  I almost can't really say yet why these little SplashTags blew me away and exceeded my expectations. It might be the texture? And how they are so thin and stick so well, but stay brand-new looking, no matter how many times I pick them on and off with my fingernail.  I love the texture and the slight shine on them. They really are unique and they are an American made product. “I suppose I might be able to source the printing overseas for less money,” said Robohm.  “But that is really antithetical to what I was trying to accomplish with SplashTags, not to mention the logistical and quality issues that I would have to overcome working with someone overseas.”

Robohm is in Virginia, but the tags and packaging are made in Oregon. Once complete, the components come back to Loudon County, Virginia where they are supplied to an organization called Echo which employs handicapped and learning disabled adults to assemble the final package. “This has worked out quite well for everyone,” declared Robohm.  “Echo is a great community oriented company because they provide an environment for people to be productive, but in some ways shielded from the difficulties of fully integrating within regular companies.  Echo provides transportation and of course understands and responds to the unique needs of their employees.”

I received five different packages of Splash Tags for review.  I opened a pack to use at home and immediately, my kids were all over them. They absolutely had to mark their glasses of milk for dinner and we were surprised to realize that they stick on plastic as well as glass.  That night, I was running out the door to a neighbors' girls' night out.  I didn't want to arrive empty handed so I grabbed a pack. Everyone had already picked out their little jingly rings to mark their wine glasses but they were intrigued by the tags, and also commented that their kids would really want to use them.  A few days later I was running out the door to a dinner party…oh! I need a hostess gift… another pack of tags came along and proved useful when cocktails were served in a variety of glassware.

At $2.99 per pack, I am going to order a stack to keep on hand for quick gifts and parties.  And the next time a pack of neighborhood kids comes charging in all wanting a drink of water, I'll be ready for them, marking their cups with SplashTags instead of filling my dishwasher or resorting to disposables.  The tags come in seven different designs: two with travel destinations which were excellent for sparking conversations, two with fun and expressive words, and three with simple images on them, which are the ones the kids gravitated to.  They are very durable and extremely sticky. In spite of warnings against it, I was sure they would last through the dishwasher. Alas, one of three did go missing in action.  But if they escape that fate, they are reusable and may be stored on a card provided between uses, taking up no space at all in a drawer.  Although the were designed for drinking glasses, they can be used to uniquely identify any hard smooth surface, so I'll be thinking creatively about how else I can use my Splash Tags.

Splash Tags are available online at www.splash-tags.com

Disclosure: USA Love List received this product unconditionally for review purposes. Our opinions are always our own, and we aim to write fair and balanced reviews to promote only the very best of American-made products.