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American Made Gifts For Wine Lovers

There are a lot of wonderful American made gifts for wine lovers, so be sure to check them all out! If you're looking for a great wine storage, we love WeberWine Stax. Husband and wife team, Mike & Robin Weber, design and manufacture these tables in Massachusetts. They offer end table or tower style in four colors with a clear glass top that allows you to display anything you'd like!     Salami is great to pair with wine. My family is from Parma, Italy which is where cured meats are produced in Italy and where I’ve eaten many times during my travels...

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Vlog, Review & Giveaway: Earth-friendly Family Finds, Made in USA

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Afm6QGzq_iE] I recently received a new American-made product called Washdrops that is designed to be a more environmentally friendly way to wash your car at home.  It arrived right around Earth Day and it got me thinking about how many wonderful American-made products our family uses to help us be a little more green. I decided to try making my first vlog, or video blog post, so I could show you first-hand some of the USA-made things we love because they help us care for the Earth. Some of the products I shared in the video we have written about, such as SplashTags, Goodbyns *Goodbyns are no longer made in the USA* and Neat-os in the kitchen. Bonus points for those with eagle eyes to spot other made in USA products around the house such as Fiestaware, a KitchenAid Mixer, and an Eraselet.  Outside, I shared our compost bin, our drip irrigation system, our fuel-efficient Winnebago/Itasca motorhome, and then finally, I showed how easy it is to use Washdrops, even on a chilly windy day. Washdrops Review I really enjoyed reviewing this product because I usually put off washing the cars or the motorhome until it is a perfect day – and then I don't feel like doing the work on a perfect day!  But I absolutely had to film this vlog on a certain afternoon and it was...

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USA Love List Weekend Recap: Style, Beauty, Manufacturing News, Easter Loot, Giveaways!

Let us be among the first to welcome you to the weekend! Thanks for stopping by, clicking around, and catching up on anything you may have missed during this busy week on USA Love List. Our BIGGEST news was yesterday's announcement of our newest team member. Angie Barnes is the new USA Love List Beauty Editor.  A trained esthetician, she will be seeking out the very best American-made beauty products and sending us into the weekend every Friday with great tips. Please welcome her and let her know what kinds of Made in USA cosmetics, hair care, and beauty items you want to see. As usual, we also started the week off in style when our Fashion Editor Jill Homiak delivered one of the most popular all American-made outfits yet in her Made in USA Monday Fashion post on resort wear featuring this spring's pastel trend. Don't miss it. Did you catch the guest post from Ascent Douglas, an initiative to develop a manufacturing hub in Douglas County, Nevada? It is inspiring to hear directly from the people working hard to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. Pick up the phone or get out your carrot-pen right now and let the Easter Bunny know that we have a complete round up of easy-to-find American-made Easy candy and treats.  Gifts and discretionary purchases like these are great places to commit to buying American....

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