St. Ives

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The 10 Best American Made Beauty Products of 2014

The beauty world is overwhelmed with exciting products. Choosing only American made beauty products helps narrow it down, but only slightly.  As USA Love List's Beauty Editor, I sample new things daily, and change my personal routine often.  Certain things gain a permanent place and doting recommendations. For every 20 products tried only 1 reigns queen.  These 10 products outperformed the others of their kind, in addition to being American made products you can trust. Supergoop CC Cream Skin care and coverage combined in one.  This cc cream is complexion perfection.  The lightweight makeup up evens out skin tone...

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Stocking Stuffers for Teenage Girls: Made in the USA Beauty Products They’ll Love!

This is the guide to all things beauty related that make great stocking stuffers for teenage girls.  We all see the aisles of cheap, packaged up and made just for Christmas bath and body junk in our stores.  Skip that stuff because we have found bath and beauty items that are packaged for fun, made in the USA, and they are the highest quality.  No need to sacrifice those things this season. 10 Made in USA Stocking Stuffers for Teen Girls Lip Smackers is made in the USA and they have tons of fun packs.  The Coca- Cola set...

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Made in USA Summer Beauty Products and A Cleanser to Take it All Off

Talking about my favorite summer beauty products, I have to start backwards here with taking the makeup off because St. Ives Green Tea Cleanser to fight blemish prone skin is the jackpot.  First of all it is less than 7 dollars, it is not organic but it is such a simple and basic wash and does include all natural green tea.  Hands down, this is my choice cleanser for summer.  It gets rid of all your makeup and keeps the little pimples at bay.  It also reduces redness.  A thorough cleanser with some acne fighting ingredients is critical in...

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5 American-made Moisturizers for Healthy Summer Skin Care You Can Count On

Keeping  your skin healthy in the summer can be a task with all the extra sun and heat.  We need to keep the balance and protect the barrier with proper moisture.  Summer skin care is relatively low maintenance.  You only need the basic things to keep your skin healthy. 5 Ways to maintain healthy summer skin: Protection from the sun on your delicate face.  Bodies too for full exposure days.  Check this list for body care. Hydration and a sun barrier on your lips. Replenishing lotion for your body. Refreshing and hydrating mist for optimum balance. Prevention and protection...

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