St. Tropez

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Sunless Tanning Tips: Choose American Made Self Tanners You Can Trust

Feeling a little pale? Time to start some self-care habits to get you through the winter months. Our secret: American made self tanning products. You'll be glad to know that sunless tanning has come a long way. However, when it comes to self tanners, there is no time to gamble with unknowns. When you buy a product manufactured in the USA, you can have more confidence in the quality and consistency of the ingredients, not to mention the huge breakthroughs self tanning has had. Sunless Tanning Tips: Choose American Made Self Tanners There are many reasons to try the new generation...

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6 Steps to Healthy Summer Skin – The American Made Guide

When summer hits a little more skin starts to show.  Now we all want healthy summer skin for our body.  It looks and feels so much better.  Get your body's skin care in shape with 6 easy steps and made in USA body products. 1. Wash your body without stripping the barrier. JAVA Skin Care has a coffee infused body wash that cleanses, increases circulation, boosts cell turnover, has antioxidants and acts as a natural antiseptic.  This is the facial wash the body has been asking for.  There whole line is exquisite in its delivery, scent and results. 2....

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Our Beauty Editor Selects the Best American Made Beauty Products of 2013

Over the course of a year I am lucky enough to sample many of the best American made beauty products.  While I like something about nearly everything I come across I have some favorites.  These products are the ones that set themselves apart from others in their category, products that have made themselves a place in my go to line up, products that I have had the best experiences with, and products I have had positive feedback from others as well. Great American Made Face and Body Care Products Exfoliant – Buff Her customized, all natural facial exfoliant  serves...

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Made in USA Beauty Supplies: May Favorites

Many times, without even trying, I end up with high quality made in USA beauty supplies in my hands.  As a professional makeup artist and Esthetician I sample countless product lines and many times I am pleased to see that I will be able to share them with our readers as something we love, made in the USA.  This list of beauty products is what I have been reaching for during the past month. Benefit Fake Up.  It is a highlighting concealer that doubles as simple highlighter, love this stuff.  It goes on creamy and stays creamy, no creases,...

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Beauty: How to Apply a Streak Free Tan with American Made Self Tanning Products

Self tanner is the quickest, easiest and safest way to get a good glow for summer.  Last year we covered some tannning basics and I shared some of my favorite made in USA sunless tanning products.  The basic steps for a “tan in a can” remain the same but I have a new tanning mousse to introduce, St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.  Along with the details on their fabulous tans, I picked up some additional self tanning tips to pass along. How to apply a streak free tan: Exfoliation is your first step. Dry brushing is my preferred method.  This...

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