Steven Alan

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Made in USA Monday Fashion: Rock the Tribal Trend with American-made basics and accessories

Tribal Inspired by shoppresenza featuring wood jewelry Some trends can seem intimidating.  An easy way to stay current, without compromising your unique style, is to accessorize with trendy statement pieces. I love Spring's tribal trend and will show you how to accessorize your foundational wardrobe pieces with them! Every one of these pieces are made in the USA. * Create an outfit that creates a great feminine silhouette. I've paired these Steven Alan shorts and Presenza wrap top so that the waist and legs are highlighted.  If you are self conscious about your legs, I'd suggest wearing Bermuda style shorts instead. * If you're wearing shorts, select shoes that enhance your leg muscles. I particularly love wearing wedge heels from Summer to Spring because they add height without sacrificing comfort. Try these driftwood colored wedges from Nordstrom made by Callisto. (These shoes are offered in four different colors too!) * I cannot tell you how much I love these jewelry pieces from American designers on!  These 24K gold earrings are perfect.  You're certain to get compliments on those unique earrings. * Be sure to accessorize with colors that complement your wardrobe foundation.  I love these bracelets. The bronze bracelet and four-colored bangle pair well together, while perfectly tying the outfit together! xoxo, Jill Homiak Founder, Presenza Fashion Editor,...

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Made in USA Monday Fashion: Resort Stylin’

  For those of you who will be enjoying the sun and sand before the summer hits, I've created the perfect resort wear outfit!  Would you wear this for a breezy day around a beach town? * In keeping with Spring's pastel craze, I've chosen this gorgeous paper thin scarf from Boticca as the outfit's focal point. It's perfect for a breezy day by the water. Made in San Fransisco, California. * These earrings, also from Boticca, are great for elongating the face. The peridot and pearl features make them fanciful, but not over the top for a relaxed beach look. Made in Laguna Beach, California. * Jack Rogers is known for its iconic sandals. Per its website, “In 1961, the iconic “Navajo” sandal stepped into its rightful place as an American classic on the feet of famed fashion icon Jackie Kennedy. Soon after, the Navajo became the footwear of choice for resort dressing.”  The sandals are all leather and still made in the US! * Tie your outfit together with these tri-colored leather bracelet from gorjana. The metallic silver, rose, & gold colors of the bracelet can transcend outfits. * These aviator frames by Shuron were previously featured on USA Love List for a men's gift. The glasses are classic and a unisex style, so don't be afraid to try them on yourself! Made in Greenville, South Carolina. * Pair your Presenza wrap top with...

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