USA Gold

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Made in the USA Eco Friendly School Supplies & Office Supplies

The summer is coming to a close and it is time to prepare for another school year.  No kiddos in school? Then now would be a great time to reload your desk with a fresh batch of office supplies that are made in the USA and eco-friendly too.  Love the Earth and love the USA with one practical shopping list. Made in the USA Eco Friendly School Supplies & Office Supplies USA Gold pencils Real wood pencils made from sustainably grown California cedar trees. Post-it Greener Notes page markers All Post-it products are made in the USA from well...

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The Season’s Best Back to School Supplies: Easy to Find, Made in the USA

My kiddos and I searched several national chain stores for school supplies with “Made in USA” on the label.  Hunting for these 3 words on packages is the BEST way to keep kids occupied while running errands! My daughter isn't reading yet, and she recognizes and knows the difference between the words “Made in China” and “Made in the USA”! What we DIDN'T find in our search were scissors, hot/cold food containers (Thermos brand USED to be made in the USA!), and glue sticks. However, here is a list of American made items that we DID find. MADE IN...

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