This article is the first in an on-going series of articles featuring Made in the USA Crowdfunding projects.

Looking for an easy way to help start-up companies get off the ground so that they can make their products in the USA? 

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept that allows start-up companies to raise capital.  Crowdfunding websites allow these new companies to promote both their products and business plans so that investors (like you!) can help provide funding to get their businesses up and running.

How do I find Crowdfunding opportunities?

Two of the most popular crowdfunding websites, Kickstarter and Indiegogo, make it incredibly easy to find companies who plan on making their products in the USA.  Enter “Made in the USA” (or American Made, etc.) into their “search” feature and voila! – up pops a list of companies who will make their products in the USA!  If you see a company or product that you like and think they will be successful, you can make a donation directly through the website (often for as little as $1!).  In return for your investment, companies typically send you something as a special “thanks” for helping contribute to the future success of their company.

Crowdfunding Made in USA picks

Here are a few of my favorite Made in the USA crowdfunding projects that are currently seeking investors:

WOODCHUCK is looking to manufacture a unique line of smart phone and tablet covers that are made out of either wood or wool.  This doesn't sound like your average iPhone or tablet cover but somehow it works!  

woodchuck image

Investing in Chug-A-Lug will bring a touch a class to your “cozy” (you might pronouce it “koozie”)!  Chug-A-Lug offers a variety of leather “cozy”s that will fit everything from an aluminum can to a Mason jar.  You can even use them as wall decor!

chug 1

KISI is an innovative new product that allows apartment dwellers to have their own smartphone based access system.  As long as you have WiFi and a smartphone you can unlock your apartment door from anywhere!  Great in case you forget your keys or need to let someone into your apartment before you get home.


Wise TIVI is made up of a small device (about the size of a USB stick) and a remote control that will allow users to turn any TV into a Smart TV and gaming console.  Users can then stream movies through Netflix or Hulu, browse pictures on your home network, surf the internet, or take advantage of a wide variety of available games!


Get involved with Crowdfunding to support American Manufacturing

For those of you truly wanting to support the rebirth of American-made, this is your opportunity to put your money where your mouth is and get behind these entrepreneurs. Each one is making it a priority to manufacture in the US and they need the support of the USA Love List community. Check it out for yourself or stay tuned for further coverage of the Made in USA crowdfunding scene.