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Give Some Love To Your Favorite Makers For the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards

Have you heard of the Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards? In case you need to be schooled, this is the third year that American makers in the fields of crafts, design, food, and style are nominated to win $10,000 for a chance to grow their business. SHARE your favorites by Tuesday September 9 to influence the judges and move your favorites into the finalist round.  Simply click to their American Made 2014 Awards profile and share the profile on Facebook and/or Twitter so they can move on to become a finalists. Our Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Awards Picks Some of USA...

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American Made Gifts For Wine Lovers

There are a lot of wonderful American made gifts for wine lovers, so be sure to check them all out! If you're looking for a great wine storage, we love WeberWine Stax. Husband and wife team, Mike & Robin Weber, design and manufacture these tables in Massachusetts. They offer end table or tower style in four colors with a clear glass top that allows you to display anything you'd like!     Salami is great to pair with wine. My family is from Parma, Italy which is where cured meats are produced in Italy and where I’ve eaten many times during my travels...

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Show Your Home State Pride with American Made Products

From perfume to necklaces and candles to cutting boards, we've been coming across some fantastic ways to show your state pride with American made products! Here are some of our favorites. Vance Family GMO Free Soy Candles – transcend space with Vance Family Soy Candles American Scent Road Trip candles. FeLion Studios Made in America Skillets Dogeared ‘State of Mind' Necklaces United Scents of America Perfume Stately Tables End Tables   Field Notes: USA States Limited Edition AHeirloom Cutting Boards Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not,...

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