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American Made Clocks: A Source List for Wall Clocks, Decorative Clocks, Table Clocks, All Made in the USA

Previously, we introduced you to 4 companies that produced clocks in the United States.   Over the months since, we have discovered quite a few more companies that make clocks in America.  If you are looking for an American made decorative clock, wall clock, table clock, or mantel clock, we are sure to have one on this list that will suit your style! The USA Love List Guide to Made in USA Clocks   From Classic, to Vintage, to Modern; Abelo Clocks has a wall clock for every taste!  These clocks are handcrafted in Concord, California by a husband and...

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10 Things We Love – Made in Iowa

Iowa, in the heart of America’s heartland, is sometimes referred to as the “corn state,” but look past our famous cornfields, and you’ll find so much more. While our top ten made in Iowa list reflects our reputation as the “Food Capital of the World,” some of our favorite Iowa products may surprise you. Read on… 10 Things Made in Iowa Amana Furniture and Clocks: The Amana Furniture Shop has been continuously handcrafting American-made furniture and made in USA clocks produced in Iowa since 1855. Their attention to detail starts with experienced craftsmen hand-selecting every piece of solid hardwood and...

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Made in Iowa Picnic Must Haves From Amana Meat Market and General Store

If you're not yet familiar with Amana Shops, we're happy to be the ones to introduce you to it! We wrote about Amana in a recent post showcasing all the wonderful made in Iowa products they sell. USA Love List founder, Sarah Wagner, has cool story to tell about her trip through the town of Amana, Iowa: USA Love List was inspired in large part by an Iowa stop on a cross-country road trip which included our visit to the Winnebago factory in Forest City, Iowa. On that same trip, on our way to or from Winnebago, we were driving along and I was looking at some...

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Made in USA Clocks, Furniture, Woolens and More From Amana Shops

While I may be from the suburbs of DC where everything is fast paced, I really enjoy spending time around less hustle and bustle. Growing up, our family spent a lot of time in southern New Jersey, the area of the state that gives it the “Garden State” name. My sister and I would help our grandparents pick vegetables and fruits from their garden.  We also spent a lot of time in New England in the region's smaller towns like Peterboro, New Hampshire and Westport, Massachusetts. I always enjoyed going there because it was quiet and beautiful and everyone seemed more connected...

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