Iowa, in the heart of America’s heartland, is sometimes referred to as the “corn state,” but look past our famous cornfields, and you’ll find so much more. While our top ten made in Iowa list reflects our reputation as the “Food Capital of the World,” some of our favorite Iowa products may surprise you. Read on…

10 Things Made in Iowa

Amana Furniture and Clocks  The Amana Furniture Shop has been continuously handcrafting American-made furniture and made in USA clocks produced in Iowa since 1855. Their attention to detail starts with experienced craftsmen hand-selecting every piece of solid hardwood and continues until the finished product is in the hands of a satisfied customer.

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Blue Bunny Ice Cream  Who would guess that a tiny town in northwest Iowa is the Ice Cream Capital of the World? But, indeed, Le Mars, Iowa, a town of fewer than 10,000, is the home of Blue Bunny. You’ll find their yummy ice cream flavors and novelty treats in fine stores from Massachusetts to Hawaii and all points in between.

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Made in Iowa: Blue Bunny Ice Cream

Rada Cutlery  Since Iowa’s Rada Knives was established in 1948, professional chefs and home cooks alike have recognized 100-percent American-made Rada cutlery as “something special.” In fact, the company attributes much of their success to their many fans who enthusiastically tell friends and neighbors about these great kitchen knives and utensils. “These are the best knives I’ve ever used!”—it’s a line they hear repeatedly from happy customers, but it never gets old.

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Made in Iowa: Rada Cutlery knives

Maytag Blue Cheese  America’s original artisan blue cheese is born on Maytag’s Dairy Farm in Newton, Iowa. They still make each wheel by hand, aging it in their caves twice as long as most other blue cheeses. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll know why it had to be included on our top-ten list of products from Iowa. And it’ll be on your top-ten list, too!
Made in Iowa: Maytag Blue Cheese

Milkhouse Candle Company was started in 2002 by Eric & Janet Sparrow, at their kitchen table, as a fun little “date night” activity. It moved from the kitchen table to a small garage, to a larger garage, to a vacant hardware store, to most recently a brand new facility in the fall of 2019 in St. Ansgar, Iowa where they employ 26 people.

Milkhouse makes some of the best candles I've ever used. The scents are pleasantly fragrant and linger even after the candle is out. Wrap yourself in the rich scents of pumpkin puree, browned butter, and warm spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla cream with the Brown Butter Pumpkin candle from Milkhouse Candle Company.Milkhouse Brown Butter Pumpkin Candle - Soy Candle 120+ Hours of Burn - Made in USA Candles - Made in Iowa

Millstream Beer & Root Beer is Iowa’s first-ever microbrewery, the award-winning Millstream, has been crafting quality beers and sodas, one batch at a time, since 1985. With 15 different craft beers and three flavors of sodas, the popularity of these beverages continues to grow, and they are now available throughout the Midwest.

Sterzing Potato Chips Founded in 1933 in Burlington, Iowa, Sterzing’s chips are, as their motto states, “quite possibly the world’s best potato chip.” The company still makes its chips the old-fashioned way—using the best potatoes and slicing them super thin before making them fresh every day. No fake processed or paste-tasting chips here… these are the real thing!

Fox River Socks  Since 1900 Fox River has been manufacturing socks in Osage, Iowa. Fox River socks are popular with both men and women for outdoor, sport, and everyday wear.

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Made in Iowa: Fox River Socks

Amana & Maytag Appliances   Both of these appliance companies are owned and manufactured by Whirlpool Appliances. Amana manufactures refrigerators in Amana, Iowa, while Maytag laundry appliances are manufactured in Newton, Iowa.

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HON Company Office Furniture   The HON Company designs and manufactures office furniture, including filing cabinets, chairs, desks, and educational furniture. The HON Company headquarters, along with a factory, distribution center, and a showroom, are all located in Muscatine, Iowa.

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Charisse Lawrence is the director of e-commerce & direct mail for the Amana Meat Shop Catalog and Amana Shops. She's a lover of great food and wine and she's an avid kayaker and Hawkeye fan!

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