Anastasia Beverly Hills

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How to Get an Eye Lift Using American Made Makeup | Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Makeup allows you to get mini a brow lift when your eyes need some perking up.   As we age, our eyelids lose some of their elasticity and start to droop slightly. Lessening the space between our brow and lash line.  To visually correct that and open your eyes back up, you can do a few easy things with your makeup to “lift” your brow line and make those eyes pop. I'm going to teach you how and, even better, we're going to do it with American made cosmetics. Eyebrow Makeup Tips Featuring American Made Products Don't miss our source...

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Made in USA Stocking Stuffers: 10 Quality Beauty Products We Love

These made in USA beauty products are perfect for stocking stuffers and will make great little gifts for women.  Every product is American made, high quality, and appealing to the beauty guru, style lover or skin care beginner. Philosophy 3 in 1 shower gel, shampoo and bubble bath in Peppermint Stick.  Philosophy is known for their cute packaging and charming quotes, making their goods highly giftable.  Philosophy consumers are loyal and the holiday editions are quite sought after each season.  Peppermint Stick is my favorite scent this year. EOS Smooth Lip Balm Sphere, holiday ornament gift pack.  Always a...

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