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Inexpensive Bathroom Updates To Create A Relaxing Oasis Made in the USA

Updating your bathroom with American made household goods is inexpensive and space transforming. The bathroom is a place where we typically begin and end our day.  It should be relaxing, organized, and well suited to your needs.  Most bathrooms are small spaces and require functional decor to maximize the space and keep it usable.  We have 5 inexpensive bathroom updates that can do just that using American made household goods. 5 Inexpensive Bathroom Updates with American Made Goods Towels (look for 1888 Mills) – Using towels, you can add color, texture and warmth to your bathroom.  A worn out towel can make...

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Stylish Spring Essentials All Under $40

With any warmer days that arrive, I find I have more pep in my step. Who wouldn't? Spring is upon us! Kick  off the Spring season with these stylish Spring essentials, all made in the USA. Each is under $40 so you can afford all of them. Fresh Towels Relax and recharge with fresh new towels. What’s better than wrapping yourself in a warm and soft towel after taking a relaxing bath? 1888 Mills makes plush spa towels made from organic cotton. Find them at or Amazon.  Bright Baubles Reengage your bright side. Stack Color by Amber's bright eco-friendly resin bracelets. New Inspirations...

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