With any warmer days that arrive, I find I have more pep in my step. Who wouldn't? Spring is upon us! Kick  off the Spring season with these stylish Spring essentials, all made in the USA. Each is under $40 so you can afford all of them.

Fresh Towels

Relax and recharge with fresh new towels. What’s better than wrapping yourself in a warm and soft towel after taking a relaxing bath? 1888 Mills makes plush spa towels made from organic cotton. Find them at Vine.com or Amazon.

American Made Towels From 1888 Mills via USALoveList.com

 Bright Baubles

Reengage your bright side. Stack Color by Amber's bright eco-friendly resin bracelets.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry on USALoveList.com Eco-Friendly Jewelry on USALoveList.com Eco-Friendly Jewelry on USALoveList.com

New Inspirations

Renew your thoughts and ideas by taking time out to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Take a notebook outside and write down new ideas or sketch something around you that is inspiring.  Start with inspiration from this Peony Spring Jotter Pad.

Night Owl Paper Goods Made in Alabama via USALovelist.com

Clean Scents

Rejuvenate and refresh with Archipelago's clean burning Citrus Verde soy candle. Allure your senses with the candle's complex fresh, sweet and crisp citrus and grass scent. I love that this candle’s soy wax and wooden wick make it a clean burning one. The unique packaging of these Botanico candles’ makes them great for gift giving too.

American Made Soy Candle

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.

American Made Towels From 1888 Mills