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The Best Clay Mask To Detox Your Skin – 6 American Made Face Masks

The best clay mask will deep clean your skin.  The ingredients draw out the oils and impurities from the pores.   In the process, you get tighter pores too.  After mask removal, you must hydrate with your moisturizer to restore balance to your clean, tightened, and toned face. I've picked my six favorite face masks, all American made so you can trust the ingredients on your skin. For more American made beauty product suggestions, don't miss the Made in USA Beauty Products: Ultimate Source List.   Key Benefits Of Using A Clay Mask deep cleanse tighten pores remove impurities control oil tone...

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Made in USA Beauty Products: The Ultimate Source List

Our source guide for Made in USA beauty products includes ONLY brands that are exclusively American Made.  In order to provide a go-to, comprehensive list of sources for made in USA makeup, skin care, nails, sunscreen, and more, the criteria needed to be simple.  Every bath, beauty and cosmetic product these companies make is done right here. Often our source guides list specific Made in USA products from companies that might also have some other items made overseas, and we try to keep you informed about that.  We promote those American made products in support of the local economy and their efforts...

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The Best of American Made Beauty Products in 2015

Did you know, there is a wide variety of American made beauty products available? This is one category where we have plenty of options. I will NOT compromise on using beauty products and cosmetics marked “Made in USA” and I'll tell you why… These are products we use on our bodies, daily, often even in our eyes or around our mouths. They can be pricey or make big promises based on specialized ingredients. You want to be confident that you are getting a pure product with the best possible results. PLEASE, insist on only American made brands for your face...

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3 Of The Hottest Beauty Trends For Fall 2015 & The Makeup Prep Essentials To Get It Flawless

Three of the hottest beauty trends for fall 2015 are strobing, velvet lips, and long lashes.  I have worked on all of these looks in the industry.  And now I have selected the best American made beauty products that prep and perfect these looks.  Entire teams of global makeup artists create the seasonal inspiration and they don't just slap on the newest product and call it day.  Tried and true beauty prep products help make it look so flawless.  Prep is essential. STROBING Strobing is the new it girl.  You need a strong highlight and can skip the contouring. ...

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American Made Beauty: 15 Gifts Under $15

Beauty enthusiasts who have a huge stash of product want nothing more than to add to their collection.  These American made beauty products are all $15 dollars or less and hot on the “it” list right now.  Anyone who loves their products understands the delight in receiving the latest and greatest in beauty as a gift, myself included. 15 Beauty Gifts under $15 An organic and decadent chocolate treat for the body.  A gift for the senses;  beautifully packaged, aromatically pleasing and skin smoothing. Chocolatier's Gift by Thesis Beauty $11.95. Good makeup brushes are hard to find and always...

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