Our source guide for Made in USA beauty products includes ONLY brands that are exclusively American Made.  In order to provide a go-to, comprehensive list of sources for made in USA makeup, skin care, nails, sunscreen, and more, the criteria needed to be simple.  Every bath, beauty and cosmetic product these companies make is done right here.

Often our source guides list specific Made in USA products from companies that might also have some other items made overseas, and we try to keep you informed about that.  We promote those American made products in support of the local economy and their efforts in domestic manufacturing. In the beauty sector, however, there are so many outstanding American made beauty brands and it is extra important to be able to trust the ingredients you are using on your body.



Botanic Organic plant based skincare | Facial Products for Sensitive and Aging Skin

Botanic Organic.  A plant based line with a holistic approach to skin care.  Their products are designed to restore the balance to your skin with nutrient rich and anti-inflammatory formulations.  All of the cold pressed oils from fruits, grains, nuts and seeds are USDA certified organic.  A unique component to Botanic Organic is the ability to custom blend their products to make an individual solution for your skin.  The scent of these items is pure bliss and peace mind because the aroma comes only from the pure essential oils.  Please enjoy 15% off with coupon code USALOVE through April 15, 2018.

Love scrub - All Natural Facial Products by Elements of Aliel

Elements of Aliel.  All products from this company are made from the earth using sustainable production.  In designing this line the creator set out to nourish the skin with out using any chemicals and being gentle while maintaining an effective product.  They have kept it simple from the ingredients to the label.  There are no long lists of unrecognizable items.  It's short, sweet and pure.  The same can be said for the routines.  Just a few products is all one will need to achieve a balanced regimen with healthy skin.

American Made Organic Beauty and Skin Care From Thesis

Thesis Beauty Purists encompass all things natural using organic, vegan and sustainable methods of creating their products.  They use zero filler and each ingredient provides a function in your facial routine.  Expect truly pure and powerful results using the Thesis line.Save 15% off any Thesis order with code USALOVE, plus 15% off already listed sales items found here.


Waxing Kara Sweet Lips Balm Made with Honey from Maryland

Waxing Kara is my favorite moisturizing lip balm and the best I’ve ever tried. It’s great for hydrating and softening lips without an SPF. I keep it next to my bed stand to use every night. The packaging makes it great for gift giving or for a small luxury for yourself.

  • Angel Face Botanicals is largely plant based, using all natural and organic ingredients.  Products are artisan and small batch made using aromatherapy to enhance the overall experience.
  • Badger is a widely available line for the whole family's skin care needs.  Many organic ingredients are used in their all natural blends.  Their balms are especially effective for the aromatherapy benefits.
  • Moody Sisters' Skin & Beauty products are handcrafted using earth derived ingredients, fresh and pure butters, oils and extracts. Each face and body product is optimized with natural and organic ingredients to combat moody skin the way nature intended. Save 10% off any full size items with the code USALOVE.
  • Opas Soap provides clean, beautiful and simple skin maintenance and wellness products.  The formulas are closely revamped versions from the Naturalistic and Renaissance Eras.  That is reflected in their design style as well.
  • Purple Prairie Botanicals is a back-to-basics brand with a zero waste and chemical free mantra.  Their products are meant to keep your skin in balance.  Skin care is one of many offerings.
  • Queen Bee Productions crafts their products using herbs and Maui honey.  They believe in the benefit of healing honey and medicinal herbs to nourish the skin.  They use no filler and entirely clean apothecary recipes.
  • Sia Botanics is plant based, vegan skincare.  They use no artificial additives.  Their line caters to all the skin types using specific products to address each differently.
  • Susan Ciminelli products are a marriage of natural, holistic ingredients and wellness promotion.  Her entire line delivers results and leaves your skin youthful with a fresh facial glow.


  • Alpha Skin Care is one of the retinol and glycolic originals. Their products boost the highest percentages of over the counter AHA's allowed.  This is what your skin needs for fast aging repair.
  • Eslor was developed by a pharmacologist.  Their line is on par with spa quality expectations.  The results, scents, formulas and the packaging bring about the professional status.
  • Evande has a trio of products for a naturally based and elegant routine.  The price point and ease of this line makes you take note.  The ingredients and efficacy will have you believe in the simplicity of their regimen.
  • Mineral Fusion blends botanicals and minerals into their hypo-allergenic products that includes both makeup and skincare.  This line is drug store priced and far exceeds expectations.
  • Pur~lisse is a blend of Chinese beauty rituals and modern skincare technology.  No harsh ingredients are used while effective peptides do their work without irritation.
  • Skin Owl is designed to provide results overnight so you can see and feel the positive impact high quality ingredients have on your skin.  It works, and does so without toxins and staying true to actually caring for your skin and applying good for you ingredients.


These brands are well known and have hit major retail shelves without compromise to remaining made in the USA.  You can find these at beauty counters, prestige beauty departments and a couple simply in the beauty aisle.

Exuviance eye cream - fast results. #skincare #madeinUSAMario-Badescu-regimen-kitPacifica Sea Foam Complete Face Wash for all skin types | multipurpose facial cleanser

  • bliss for fun spirited and effective spa quality facial and body toning products.
  • derma e potent, vegan, eco-friendly and active ingredients at a fraction of counter prices.
  • Exuviance is a retail line of a medi-spa line, gives instant results with lasting improvement.
  • Freeman the quality bargain of beauty products.
  • Juice Beauty an organic solution.
  • Mario Badescu is a NYC staple since the 60's – offering their spa formulas for home care.
  • Pacifica gorgeously packaged, vegan and gently effective for healthy skin, they have a makeup line too.
  • Philosophy is a beloved line for their fragrances and dramatic improvements to the skin.


fulllips American made beauty tool |For fuller, beautiful lips with no surgery or chemicals

  • Beauty Blender is the choice makeup sponge of makeup artists.  However, it is easy enough for the novice.  It blends makeup onto the skin for the most blurred and flawless application of foundation.
  • Clarisonic is surprisingly made in the USA – not many small electronics are.  It is the best hand held brush for deep cleaning your pores while ultrasonic technology stimulates collagen fibers.
  • Fullips is a lip enhancer tool that gives you a full pout without the use of chemical gloss or injections.  It takes less than a minute to plump your lips and then you can use any of your regular lip makeup, try our 3 step routine.  No stinging gloss, no surgical procedure with the same full look.  Watch their how to video.


All of the deodorant brands we have worked with are natural and toxin free.  The deodorants are made using a variety of methods and different natural ingredients, many choices are also vegan.


  • Crystal Body Deodorant roll on applicator bottle is convenient, clump free and completely clear. 20% off with code USALOVE.
  • Green Tidings Their solid stick is nice because it uses the traditional application form but is also entirely eco friendly.
  • Schmidt's The variety of scents and added benefits from essentials oils is a superior benefit.
  • Thesis offers a spray on oil deodorant unlike most of the natural variety.  It is the opposite of being overly drying but rather works against bacteria with its essential oils.  It is all organic.

More choices from our Natural Deodorant Source Guide post, for more details click the article.

Six Great Natural Deodorant Options via USALoveList.com | #greenbeauty #ecoliving #nontoxicbeauty #beauty #bbloggers #nourishorganic #primallypure #figandyarrow #crystaldeodorant

  • Zum Lab Body Deodorant
  • bubble & bee Organic Super Pit Putty
  • Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Cream Deodorant
  • Nourish Organic Stick Deodorant
  • Primally Pure Deodorant
  • Fig + Yarrow Under Arm Deodorant


Many of our skin care brands include sun care products too.  These are sun specific brands, get their specific details from our Made in USA Sunscreen Source Guide.

Save this list of sunscreen brands with ingredients you can trust because they are made in the USA via USAlovelist.com


Each benefit of these makeup manufacturers is not listed but all are vested in the environment, toxic free beauty and purely pigmented products.  Please visit their sites to learn about non-toxic makeup.

Rejuva Minerals Pressed Foundation in Sand #AmericanMade #NonToxicBeauty#SafeCosmetics #VeganBeauty #OrganicBeauty #MineralMakeup via USALoveList.comAttitudegabriel

  • Rejuva Minerals is a complete line of mineral makeup with great tutorials and flawless application.  They are nanoparticle, toxin and GMO free.  Our easy highlight & contouring features their foundation. Use coupon code LOVE15 at RejuvaMinerals.com to get 15% offValid until midnight 9/21/17.
  • Gia Minerals is clean makeup that offers bold colors.  Chemical free and eco friendly.  Also offering skin care.
  • Gabriel Cosmetics was designed to enhance natural beauty and the formulas are as such while being effective.
  • Axiology Lipstick is a luxury lipstick line.  Their lipsticks are natural, organic and ethical in addition to being vegan.  Axology is a true specialty product owning every aspect of their craft from package to pigment.  See Axology on our Vegan Beauty List.
  • Vapour Organic Beauty is high end and fashion forward while maintaining their commitment to healthy skin care and makeup.  Read our introduction of Vapour.
  • Red Apple Lipstick was built around their gluten free lipstick, which is stunning.  They are branching out into more color products too, all toxin free.  Get our lipstick prep and wear tips here.
  • Moody Sisters'  Mineral powders and blushes are natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free – all handmade from natural micas and minerals. Their complete line of foundation, eye makeup, lip gloss and more is organic, vivid, and paraben free.


  • Piggy Paint is especially for little girls with special attention to a safe formula.  The packaging, naming and colors are perfect.
  • Priti NYC is highly fashionable.  They have designed custom colors for several runway shows.  Their polish is toxin free.
  • Incoco are the most nail polish like appliques on the market.  They are made from real nail polish and adhere to the nail fluidly.
  • NCLA has the best collection of nude nail polish in addition to their wide range of colors.  They also have nail wraps in the most original art designs.
  • Jamberry is the most popular and widely known nail wrap.  They are a mass market fave.
  • d.i.d. offers richly pigmented 2 coat coverage that is extremely long lasting.
  • KB Shimmer offers a large variety of glitter nail polish to complement their cream colors.

These salon favorite nail colors are also made in the USA.

  • OPI is a leader in the industry constantly putting out relevant collections with on trend colors.
  • Orly has the best brush in the business.  They use vibrant and long lasting color.  Their treatment products are superior.
  • Essie is chic and elegant.  They have every spin on classic colors in addition to rolling out the latest colors with frequent new collections.

Get more info on the following nail polish by reading the Six Of The Best & Least Toxic Nail Polish List.

Six Of The Best and Least Toxic Nail Polish Options On The Market via USALoveList.com

  • ella + mia
  • Mint Nail Polish
  • Mischo Beauty
  • Sophi by Piggy Paint
  • tenoverten
  • Trust Fund Beauty


Innersense Organic Beauty Non-Toxic Haircare Products For Superior Results for Silky Shinny Hair | #AmericanMade #NonToxic #VeganBeauty #OrganicBeauty #CrueltyFreeRare Elements Hair Collection Made From Non Toxic Ingridients Ranking 0 on EWG - American Made Luxury Haircare Products. Time To Breakup with Your Chemically Laden Salon Haircare Products.

  • Innersense Organic Beauty is one of the few organic hair care lines that has made their way through salon doors.  Their line is truly a styling line, a rarity among natural and organic hair products.  Read our article about Innersense and the safety of beauty products on your body and the earth here.  
  • Rare El'ements is a luxury natural hair care brand.  Their packages are exquisite and the finished product leaves healthy hair that looks fantastic.  Read our review here.

Plus more choices in out Eight American Made Non-toxic Haircare Products We Love, Five Made in the USA Hair Products for Soothing Frizzy Curly Hair articles.


thesis-organic-bath-salt-roseFarmHouse-Fresh-lotionSalts of the earth body scrub - summer skin care.Loofah pumice foot scrub - the easiest pedicure

  • Farm House Fresh has all the fun of specialty shop body care but with all the care of a small batch operation.  Their recipes are designed to work while enlightening all your senses.  Their products all look like a gift, and feel like it too!
  • OSEA is  a powerful vegan, organic skin care line of the sea.  Their products restore and rejuvenate healthy, youthful skin.
  • Thesis Beauty has richly scented, unscented too, bath products without using all the harsh chemicals and dyes.  Their bath products are gorgeously packaged making for a luxurious bath or shower time that truly nourishes your skin.
  • All Good Elemental Herbs is simple and good for you.  There is no fluff, just the things you need to keep your body's skin healthy.
  • Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve is a small family owned and operated company.  Their line is powered by nature and simply formulated.  Read our DIY pedicure using the line.

Save Our Ultimate Source List for the next time you need to buy beauty supplies.  And if you are or know a beauty brand that is exclusively made in the USA  let us know in the comments below.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.

The Ultimate Source List - American Made Beauty Brands