Champion 2000+ Juicer

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How to Make Apple Cider From Fresh, Local Apples

My kiddos LOVE apple juice, but I stopped buying it in the store years ago when I noticed it's nearly impossible to find apple juice that is NOT made from from foreign apples. I mean, really, if apples can be grown in all 50 states, and 32 of those states grow apples commercially, than why does all the apple juice come from another country? Anyone? Anyone? Well, we found out that making our own apple cider using fresh, local apples is actually very simple, especially with our made in the USA Champion Juicer. And that's right, I said cider. What...

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Make Healthy, Kid Friendly Drinks With the Champion 2000 Plus Made in the USA Juicer

Confession: I have never juiced before. The opinions and experiences in this post are, as you will see, NOT from a juicing expert, just from a mom who is exploring ways to get her kids to happily consume fruits and vegetables. I was pretty excited to try the only Made in USA juicer we are aware of. I avoid sugary drinks with added preservatives and colorings as much as possible.  When my kiddos want a drink they know their options are milk (whole or raw),water, tea, or (for breakfast only) 100% US orange juice. Imagine the looks I get...

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