My kiddos LOVE apple juice, but I stopped buying it in the store years ago when I noticed it's nearly impossible to find apple juice that is NOT made from from foreign apples. I mean, really, if apples can be grown in all 50 states, and 32 of those states grow apples commercially, than why does all the apple juice come from another country? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, we found out that making homemade apple cider using fresh, local apples is actually very simple, especially with our American made Champion Juicer.

And that's right, I said cider.

What is the difference between cider and apple juice, you ask?

Well good question, because I had to look it up myself!  Apple cider is the juice squeezed from an apple that still contains apple sediment. Apple juice, on the other hand, is repeatedly strained and then pasteurized to extend shelf life.

Making apple cider with a juicer is quick, easy, and tasty! My kids love to help out. Here is how we do it.

Homemade Apple Cider With An American Made Juicer

Since apple cider made from juicing is not pasteurized, we make it in small batches and drink it right away. Six apples make enough cider for three servings

How to make apple cider from fresh, local apples.

First, I peel, core and cut the apples into a size that will fit through the feeder of the juicer. Surprising discovery: my kiddos eat the apple peels faster than they come off of the apples, which is a bonus since the peels are the most nutritious part of the apple.

How to make apple cider using a made in the USA Champion Juicer

Next, my kiddos take turns turning the apples into cider. The Champion Juicer is safe for them to use (with supervision, of course). They can drop the apple pieces into the feed tube of the juicer with out worry of sharp parts. They then use a tamper to feed or press the apples into the cutter- which separates the apples' juice from the pulp.

How to make apple cider using a made in USA Champion Juicer

And as easy as that, we have our finished product- homemade apple cider, all ready to drink and served with ice!

Of all the juices we have experimented with since we have had the Champion Juicer, apple cider is by far the simplest of our creations- and surprisingly, the best tasting! The kiddos were a bit apprehensive about the color and the foam on the top, but after one sip, all was good.  And FYI, the thick foam is pectin, which is very beneficial to our health.

Another great thing about making our own apple cider is the leftover apple pulp. I could not let this 1 cup of goodness go to waste. I figured, hmmm, it's kind of like applesauce, so maybe it will work in a recipe that calls for applesauce……

And it did! I found a recipe for Applesauce Cookies on Pinterest and made some for school lunches. As always, mine look nothing at all like the cookies pictured on the recipe website, but hey, they taste great!

How to Make Apple Cider: American Made Products In This Post

How to make apple cider from fresh, local apples--quick and easy with a juicer! #usalovelisted #fall #madeinUSA