Cirrus Vodka

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10 Things We Love – Made in Virginia

I'm a Virginia native and still live in Washington, DC close to northern Virginia, where I grew up.  There are traditional Virginia products that I've always enjoyed like ham, peanuts, and beer. When I set out to write this post, however, I was excited to find products I never even knew were produced in Virginia! Here are the best made in Virginia products I found. 10 Things We Love, Made in Virginia The Hudson Henry Baking Co. makes exceptionally flavorful small-batch, handcrafted granola in Palmyra, Virginia. The ingredients include natural, whole foods you'll recognize like rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds,...

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Six Premium American Made Vodkas To Celebrate National Vodka Day

We've covered America’s Native Spirit for National Bourbon Heritage Month, but we've never shared all of our favorite vodka brands to celebrate National Vodka Day. We thought this year was time. I didn't know this, but Spring 44 Distillery told us, “96% of premium clear spirits consumption is imported brands.” Let's change that. See our favorite seven American made vodkas below. Cirrus Vodka is an award winning, premium, potato-based, gluten free, vodka. It is solely owned, produced and bottled by the P in Richmond, Virginia. The first time I enjoyed it was out at a restaurant in Washington, DC that...

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